addicted to the math

Addicted to the math.

I think you are.  No, YOU are.  I no URBUTTWHADDUMMEYE?  Jinx. Times infinity.

“What’s love telling me to do right now.”

And thena apointy featured fella, sorta like said hello.  Himminiz, gee-yom-eTree palz.  Hmm.  ~eyeroll~

I laugh when she rolls her eyes, but she just accuses me of being mean.  I make a sad puppy face so she scratches me behind the ears.  I shake my leg.  She giggles, so I tickle her, just above the hips, and for nanoseconds, she shrieks, at a pitch unfathomable.  Sensory ovreloard, these inducers.  Can, if I’m there, if I’m wanted, or needed to be there.

What are you willing to put into it?

Hey, lots of someone’s should buy us this house.

Anyway, I took some pictures today.  I’m gonna put them on picasa, ‘cuz I’m lazy.  I could build a beautiful little co-op in this place.  Whatever.  Even if some rich person buys it and wants to live here, I’m still glad I got to help work on it.  Ma dad pulls weight in this town.

I’m a crybaby loser.  There aren’t even words for how zero I am.  Supa-zrro! no.

I’m being followed by another suicide girl.  You guize, put in a good word for me with your boss (u totally think of her as “your boss, right?” *giggles*).  I think my beard and penis might give the wrong impression about my gender.  So, other than that ridiculousness, wanna get naked with me?  Of course to have sex.  We can just talk, take a few pictures.  Whatever.  Oh, you’re less fuckable in person?  I have not once found that to be the case.  What?  Please quit being such a jack-tard and someone might talk to you.  If you’re extra super polite.  Gon get another beer.

I make squares now.

Good stuff.

2:07 am on the Sunday.  I’mma go sleep now.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-03-27 (Sunday).

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