Small fortune

That’s what the wizard told me.  Shadow, was it?  Someone knew him.  Tarot card reading, on State St.  He told me I would acquire a “small fortune” in Madison.  I ain’t yet.  I must not be done with that town.  But, in this last 24 hours of alone time—which may be the last I have in a long, long time—I can’t get a clue.

The business.  Happiness inducer.

Chunk the streams.  Or, use a tagging system.

So, sitting right there in the meeting, I said, I’m a cooperative consultant.  It doesn’t pay me anything, but I try to work exclusively with co-ops or similarly ownership-distributed non/anti-profits.  I network with a wide variety of cooperative types, and I lurk all over the internet.  In the time since I’ve been gone, I’ve been getting back in touch with the public library system, learning about agriculture, farming, and “small town values.”  I’ve acquired some clothes, ditched tons more crap.  I have a bunch of stuff to free-pile.

What about a program that can scan a pdf to scrape the article source, date, title, subject tags, etc.?  Then it would batch re-name the actual pdfs to sort by publication date, maybe abbreviated source and title.  How do I set up scripts like that?  God dammit, where’s my code monkey.

This is the only kind of code I know how to write.  The other don’t never.  Yes, it’s time to enter one’s own domain.

So, fine.  I’m gonna need help, ‘cuz I think it’s perfect already.  Oh, whatever.

I specialize in destruction.  If you have an old structure that is only worth its salvage value, I will turn it into salvage.  You need a trailer full of bricks instead of an old building?  I can do that.  I’ve turned gifted fieldstones into garden-terracing using borrowed transport and tools.  I’ve also learned a lot about metal-work.  I’d like to build a partnership with nearby shops for salvage drops, and project work.  Hell yeah, I got shit to weld.  I know what a welding spark feels like.  That crackle happys my ears.

Is there a machinists’ union?  There oughta be.  I’m gonna get me a lathe and start one of those.  Heh.  Oh, uh, I also have many major elements of a wood shop I gotta put somewhere.  I want to train people in their use, if they want.  Ok, fine, we should make an app to do that.

I haven’t eaten anything today.  I should fix that.  (11:18 am)

What do you know from fluid mechanics?

I’m sort of interested in being bread maker, or at least stalking the current bread maker for a bit.  It’s how I get to know people and processes.  I learn by doing.

Zero-cost infrastructure.  So, it’ll take a few years to build.  Labor is not a cost.  Labor is our survival.  Cost means you gotta deal with the fucking bank.  I do not.  Labor is love.

I’ve been thinking about it as a symbiotic relationship.  The expertise, tools, and capabilities that I’ve gathered, I wish now to use in exchange for housing and food.  If I “need” help or could use extra hands on a “job,” y’all are gonna be my first choice for co-workers.  I bet, together, we could turn half this town into a co-op.  Both in courtroom solid land trusts and in human mindset.  These parts are rusty, but they’ve been feed shoddy fuel for far too long.  Clean that up, and we’ll all be unstoppable.

Why am I so sad?  All this stuff undone, with the vision fully realized.  I’m still here, that’s why.  It’s still cold, that’s why.  I think I’m gonna go vacuum.


p.s. I always have a hard time disconnecting from the music stream.  Novel.  First time I’ve heard this particular timequake.  The word signified a very real concept.  People give their lives to the consumption of timequakes.  Soul-noms.

Hey, here’s a zero-step solution—leave your hair the color it is.  I’m sure you can find a better use of your time than chemical-zapping your lovely locks.  Seriously, next time you have the urge to dye your hair, go fuck the most fuckable instead.  Right, like he’s got something better to be doing.  The girls that tend to spend time around me don’t add a whole lot externally, but they glow.

I might hear a wider variety of music than anyone else I can think of.  God bless you, internet.
people are realizing that we’re all human.

Here’s the thing about “global warming.”  Are the “scientists” proposing lab-duplicatable experiments proving this, and who funds your work?  Shouldn’t we be focusing on what it is we should be doing to fix the problem?  The whole thing is just a high-level distraction.  Besides, if the planet is warmer, it’s more conducive to plant life, no?  Let’s just put that to good use, and the oxygen offset will balance things right back out.  You’re not gonna nuke this problem away, you shitheads.  Back-breaking labor and clean healthy food, that’s what you need.  That’s what momma earth needs, too.

I’m gonna go hit the shop.  Laters.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-03-26 (Saturday).

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