Anyone can wanna fuck a pretty girl.  You gotta wanna fuck me.

So, I was looking through the dictionary, looking up “penance” actually. 1. an act of self-abasement, mortification, or devotion performed to show sorrow or repentance for sin. 2. a sacramental rite that is practiced in Roman, Eastern, and some Anglican churches and that consists of private confession, absolution, and a penance directed by the confessor.  </dictionary> There are many ways to take this.  The problem, with “taking” anything related to self/other/human-loathing tripe such as the odd twisting put upon “fundamentalist” Christianity (I can’t speak for the other flavaz;) is that it puts you in a lose or be lost dichotomy.  Fuck them language games, vitt-gen-stinnne!  What’s actually happening? USA brand fucking death machines are bringing fucking USA brand fucking DEATH to other human fucking beings, that’s what.  Oh, the excuse du jour.  What’s the point?  They trained all the evil people.  They are all the evil people.  Their lies, once you see them for lies, are so laughably self-referential, you’ll literally shit yourself.  Lit-err-uh-lee.  So fucking what.  How much fucking property do you have control over?  Use it.  Plant organic consumables, in cooperation with your planet.  Shelter local wildlife.  Why the fuck not.  Don’t get angry at what happens.  Honor it, feed it, and give mother nature the sacrifice she demands.  If humans create it, however, use the existing legal framework to give them their just desserts as well.  If justice exists, has ever existed, on planet earth, these things now known, must be spoken for.  If not, it all comes down.  Every institutional relation of the lie must go.  The poison stream shows the path.  The true evil is undead, and her petty tyrant servants are quick to identify themselves, so when love learns to pounce, ~voila!purr~

On the next page of my trusty old dictionary is a mas coolness line graphic of 1. pendentives 1, a circle supported by 4 sq-forming arches.  Best. Definition. Ever:“
pen-den-tive \pen-‘dent-iv\ n [F pendentif, fr. L pendent-, pendens, prp. of pendēre] : the part of a groined vault that springs from a single pier or corbel

”What the fuck does that mean?

Now looking up “groined vault.”

¹groin […] 2 a : the projecting curved line along which tow intersecting vaults meet b: a rib that covers this edge

²groin vt : to build or equip with groins

Good. 2. no.  There’s another picture of a vaulted ceiling on columns, “groin 2a”

He was the kind of editor who could spot an italic hyphen.  Some people just need typos.

Look, assholes, as long as the really funny people keep starring my shit, I’ll know I’m funny.  I’ve always fucking known.  Whatever.  Woo your fool head off.

I follow a select group of girls that like to have gotten naked once before, at least, and funny or insightful or fearless or brash or musical or just generally honest, nice, friendlies.  I much prefer girls.  I is one, depending on who you believe.  Yikes.  Girl with a penis.  Wouldn’t be the first time.  No, I see no need to change it.  I just gotta find one who will find it useful.  Like, regularly and often.  It’s what I need.

ªº¹²³ˆˇˉ˘˙˚►◄●× eyes

_˛‗≡≈⌐─▬ mouths

Examples: ˆ⌐ˆ | ˙≈˚ | ►▬◄ | ●_● | ˘●˘ | ˇ─ˆ | ˘●˚ |

²º¹²●³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³ ×Þ | :Þ | ;-Þ  | ×-) | ×Ο× |×Ő× | ×㋞× | ×۝× | ×Θ× | ×Ξ× |

What’s all this happy horse shit?

I think those are supposed to be faces.  Again, yikes.

I’m gonna go shower.  It’s 11:16 pm.

It’s 12:52, next am.  I’m at equilibrium.  I’m a big fan of this tit for tat ‘gasm deal.  If she’s not happy that I’m friends with her friends, she’s not my friend.  If I gotta share, you gotta share.  Besides, ain’t no gotta.  Sharing works better.  Simple as that.

These chocolate chip cookies, while delicious, are over-baked.  They’re long-lasting little chocolate-filled sugar/flour nuggets alright, but they’re damn near crunchy.  Aren’t cookies supposed to be just a bit more substantial than cake?  I like soft baked goods.  I like properly cooked foods.  Veggies harder than you like, meat and baked goods softer than you think they should be.  There’s technique.  If you don’t wanna know, you ain’t gonna know.

Lemmie know,


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-03-20 (Sunday).

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