eyet old hymn

I told him.

I told him I felt I’d have a better chance getting through to him by suing him, and that I’d win.  Seriously, old man, I been demoralized, defamed, and ignored by far crueler men than yourself.  Some of ‘em even had vaginas.  Yuh huh.

They, however, paid the minimum agreed amount and let me go about my merry business.  I’m an anti-business, huh.  How’s that?  So you think you can just not pay me because I don’t believe the system we got is a good one.  Who the fuck said I wouldn’t use it to force you to pay a reasonable wage, or at least back up your own reassurances that you were a source of assistance.  I don’t want cash, and I don’t fucking need cash, but let’s start sharing resources on some level.

I’ve been bitten in multiple contexts, is the thing.  I’ve usually rather enjoyed it.  Take me home, I have no interest in being here any more.  I’m a liar and a jackass and a crybaby and a constant fucking loser.  I can’t negotiate.  I just cry.  Bare, simple, drama free existence.  I’m beginning to think couches are the dev-ville.  I suppose they’re ok for fucking on, and I’ve slept on more than a few in my day, but cripes the way they keep one attached to the cathode ray once uponna, itsanuffa dryba feller loopy.  Gotta wanna do.  Talkin’ ain’t do.

That’s how the heirarchicals keep anything from getting done.  They promote the talkers.  So, you’re encouraged to babble, relatively coherently, mind you, usually, for extended periods of time or pages so where nobody really gives a fuck much what you’re saying anymore.  Drag.  It.  Out.

Am I just the most horrible person to be around ever?  I just look like a total freak with not a single thing regulation.  No article of clothing is an acceptable keeping up with the joneses kind of recent kohls purchase.  That’s quite on purpose.

I spent a few hours earlier this afternoon, and I’m going to have to get back to it soon, documenting hours and work that I’ve done since I’ve been here.  These logs have already been useful.  Twitter especially.

Fooding. (7:55 pm)

Helped move a futon frame.  We took a ride to retrieve a king sized bed from his gf’s place.  I’m hoping they offer it to me, the place, not the bed/mattress.  If I had my own place, I just might remember how to woo a “lady” or five again.

The hours on this spreadsheet don’t tell the whole story.  After multiple projects, he remarks, “that went a lot faster/smoother than I thought it would.”  Yup.  Imagine what we could do if there were five of us all on the same page.  Or if we all were.  If that is difficult for you to imagine, you’re the problem.  Set your imagination free, now.  What you are doing is akin to locking a gentle child in a dark basement for being a gentle child.  Yup, then starve it and yell at it for crying.  Make sure you keep insisting that it’s all out of love the whole time, too.  That helps.

Is this a beard thing?  I feel like it is.  Whatever.

So, the transition period, in these houses, it can be short and quick or long and dragged out, sorry, gradual.  Don’t expect me to participate in the gradual ones, however.  When you accept the changes, let me know, and I’ll get to work.  I will start initially with my network, for they know my voice and can translate it into acceptable words for others, slow words.  Plus, they’re physically capable.  Yuh huh.  These are strong people.  Look, you need to have a certain amount of resilience to speak to me once, so anyone who has spent a significant amount of time around me knows all too well just how much of a fascist I can be.  Tell me what needs doin’, and it shall be done.

I don’t think this computer is gonna live much longer.  It keeps blue-screen crashing and saying that the system memory changed.  That can’t be good.  Do I just need new memory?  Fine, somebody buy me a couple of memory sticks for a Dell Latitude D600.  Actually, never mind, because the docking station video and USB just died, and it keeps crapping out.  It’s time for a new computer.  Right?  Yeah, well, find someone who will buy me one or someone who will hire me then, because I haven’t the cash to do a fucking thing about a new computer right now.

Mounting brackets, ‘cuz the weather’s good.  I been slacking.  I’m still hurting.  I guess the house can kick my ass for an afternoon.  Fuck it.



~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-03-16 (Wednesday).

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