nervous laughter

Nervous laughter


Flipper outters ‘gon flip out.
Screamin’ shouters ‘gon scream ‘n’ shout.
Fuckin’ wooers ‘gon woo can’t whistle but want the clout.
This is why the fuckers. Is. What. I’m. About.

I call that one Fiwia.  Pronounced like the last half of “inferior” but with a really gay retarded lisp.  Flaming.  Oh, fuck you.  All the fags know I love them.

My best piece of carving work is the typebot qwertying away like there’s somewhere to go.  My dad just pounded on my door, was apparently screaming outside, and came in here waving and acting like there were some kind of emergency.  He recommended I call an old neighbor about a computer problem.  Good recommendation, but I hardly think it was worth the interruption.  I’m gonna go talk to him.

“The things that lessen my workload are always good things”

Me, just now.  It’s 1:31 pm.

Ok, I officially smell terrible.  I feel terrible, too.

By not providing me with a portal, he’s knowingly keeping me from my friends because he doesn’t like that I haven’t met them in real life.  Or he’s jealous ‘cuz there’s so many of ‘em.  My rucking farm hurts. Right bicep, shaking.  All the tyrants think they can work me to death.  Petty, those.

Natural law.  Union Labor.  Grunt work.  I got my Garden Infrastructuralism.

‘few-ee-ya’ is probably the best noise I’ve penned so far, and it was writted wif a pencil!  On a flap from a Kleenex box.  Graphic design disassemblerator.  Roundy edgy wif a scissor. Fuck. Looks like one of the ten commandment tablets with a corner chipped off.

My new pyramid gots two corners chopped off.  It vaguely resembles both a stealth fighter and the 4×4 from whence it came.  I can’t tell if it’s done or if I’m supposed to do more with it.  I haven’t oiled it yet, so there must be more to do.  I have the wood burner too.  Perhaps some cuneiformish dark gouging is in order.  Then again…

I like it, as is.  It’s smooth and pointy and has beautiful grain and I needed a pyramid in here.  It’s keeping the stack of CDs I ought to be filling with audio right now.  I need a day off.

It’s a combination wants/needs and resources amalgamator, with regular and last-minute transport.  It’s just a database.  But if a few people who have certain types of resources use those for the betterment of others, those others can in turn, for example, fix, maintain, or upgrade that vehicle, electrify, hybridize, or multi-fuel it, and or provide a reason to get it out on the road.  No, you ain’t gonna get rich.  Nobody is.  We provide for our shelter, food, and permanent resource-maximizing surplus generators.  We give away excess to the hungry, we help where we can, and we put all proceeds into sheltering more people on commonly owned and organically farmed polyculture.  We aim to increase the number of beneficial species on planet earth, not reduce them.  Our failure to understand their benefit does not give us the right to eliminate them.

So, did I tell you the network card is dead on this computer?  The wireless card is dead and the integrated LAN is dead.  I have no network capabilities.  I have tons of pics to upload, this here interweb-log, and a video that I should probably watch first.  Oh, what’s the fucking point.

I gotta go take care of some bathroomage. (2:07 pm)

I’m going to shut this bad boy down while I shower and hope that it decides to start working.  Please, mr. computer, sir.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-02-21 (Monday).

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