free knife box design

Free knife box design.  Well, it’s like a cutting board, knife prep board that stores sharpening tools and knives.  I like weighted surfaces.  Whatever, Newton.

Now, you will have to measure the dimensions for this thing for yourself, for your knives and your height and whatnot, but I have to get this out of my brain.

I’m tall, so working on regulation-height countertops hurts my back.  Also, an elevated chopping block could aid transfer of food and/or scraps to appropriate areas (bowls, jars, compost bins, whatever.) So, put a knife sharpening side on it, clam-shell hinge it, and make storage space for all knife maintenance tools and the knives themselves.  Maybe backups.  Magnets.  An excuse to use magnets.  Handle?  Wheels?  No, the kitchen one will.

I just imagined it, done, my kitchen, on a hand cart.  Fucking. Awesome.

What’s in it?

Bread Machine, Flours, oats, honey, (butter, yeast?) measuring cups/spoons.

Rice cooker, various nesting pots and pans, jars of various beans, rices, grains, portable hot plate (for emergencies or parking lot extension cord tail-gate cooking parties).  I suppose I should insulate a section for keeping butter and yeast cool, huh?  This thing will be kinda heavy.  But, that’s why it has wheels.  I’ll use a lightweight wood and stuff will be attached and custom fit so nothing will break.  Fuck.  It’ll need a dishpan thingy, too.  Solar shower for the dishes, too.  Solar oven you say?  Genius!

Then, what?  Water storage?  Camping style.  Jars.  I dunno.  I love jars.  If I make myself a drivable home, it’ll have to have at least one water storage tank, more.  Yes, I have a solar shower and collect my greywater.  Yes, in my van.  Compost toilet.  Stfu, future me, you’re gonna confuse people.  Yeah right.

Does it count as being e-mailed if they use one of the e-mail generating websites to send me an e-mail?  It’s poor form to just reply with your preferred means of communication, isn’t it?  That’s why I’m gonna do it.  I just have to think of something to say.  I can just sit and stare, admire, actually is what I’m doing, but… that.  For however.  Or, touch me.  Or, indicate to me that you would like me to touch you.  There’s just not enough of that in my now. Here.  Freezy it be.

I’m gonna go heat me up a bowl of food and maybe scounge up some more booze. (10:32 pm.)

Going to sleep (12:21 am)

So, It’s the next day (February 14, 2011) and it’s ten minutes to noon.

I’m gonna post an old entry, ‘cuz I can.



~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-02-14 (Monday).

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