Birdseed stew

I keep wanting to do a video of this process, but it just never happens.  Whatever.  I shall paint you a foodtrait wit werds.

Best way is to let everything soak for the right amount of time before cooking it.  Smaller stuff like lentils only need 4-6 hours, but garbanzos and some other, bigger beans will continue expanding past 12 hours if you let them do their thing at room temperature.  This is the best way to preserve the nutrients.  Shit, if you sprout ‘em, you can even steam them.  I’ve never taken this route, but I suspect it would be delicious.  I’m crunched for time, so I took a few major shortcuts.

First, no jar soaking.  Everything went straight into the pans.  Garbanzos (1 cups seed: 6 cups water), Pintos (1:5), French lentils (1:3), and rice (2:4).  Then, I heated the garbonzo and pinto beans.  I’ve been stirring it all occasionally, so there’s room for the seeds to expand and take in the water.  They’re all like little sponges, and if you let them soak long enough, they come alive, literally.  Then, you can un-soak them and sprout them.

Details on that are here:

aduki - corn (pop) (1 of 3)

cress - pinto bean (2 of 3)

psyllium - wheat (3 of 3)

adzuki - millet (1 of 2)

mung - wheat (2 of 2)

Germination Chart (Dining In The Raw)

Germination Chart Comments (Dining In The Raw)

(/sprout pics)

So, I used smaller pots than I should have and everything boiled over at least once (heh), but it’s all stewing in a medium-huge stew pot right now.  It smells like delicious, and I ate the last bowl of root stew so it can all go into jars for refrigeration and travel feed.  I can live out of backpacks and jars for nearly a week straight.  Having a place to crash helps, but I suspect that will disappear soon.

I should do some laundry while I’m here (didn’t).  I’m wearing everything that needs to be washed, as usual.  I have other clean stuff here, but I’m on an outfit-per-week rotation lately.  It goes with the hard-core work strategy.  Dad wants me back on Tuesday to finish more of this stuff.  For him, less money, fewer problems.  For me, a ticket out.

It is now 9:07 pm, and this is my last night at this house until Tuesday.  I’m going to put some music on and work in the shop. Fist in the mix is having their last snow tonight, aren’t they.  Maybe they already did.  Whatever.  I’ll find something. Hockey game. Perfect.

I’ll be back to write more later, prollies.

I just decided that this post is gonna require some photo-shoppin’.  Sweet.  Now I know what I’m doing tomorrow. J

Lovin’ toodles.

p.s. The very next day…

I didn’t even close the file from last night.  That’s how serious I was about getting back on the twitstorm.  Ah.  I’m in the mall now and I was just complimented on my beard.  That’s the thing, isn’t it.  Everyone knows that deep down, no matter how much they clean, pluck, shave, disinfect, deodorize, and “clean” the body, it’s still that of an animal.  A beautiful, amazing animal.

Here’s what you may not quite understand.  I do, exactly what I want to do, which is the same as that which is necessary.  I’m on the lovely bloodflow now.  It reminds me of you.

Land monopolists, that’s what you are.  Demanding rents without a care in the world for how they’re obtained.  No cooperation.  I’ve come to realize, there’s not “a” shortcut you’re avoiding, you’re completely impeding yourself and everyone around you with the accumulation of crap.  Physical crap is what most of it is.  Junk.  The implements required to prepare optimally healthy food are minimal.  If you cannot zero-sum your own living space and the uses of available square footage other than storing crap, you’re just another obstructionist.  Fuck what you say about what you do.  Look at what you do.

The kids are out.

As are ladies, young and old.

2011-01-29 paid up (is the date recorded and the name)

I have the best offices.  You have no idea.  I can go anywhere, whenever I want.  I’ve narrowed the company down to those who desire mine.  That’s all it takes, really.  That which is inessential gets left behind.  My work here is done.

I’m at the library now.  I just thought it was superbowl Sunday for a minute there.  That’s tomorrow, eh?  Fuck your holidays.

I’ll be workin on the video if ya need me.

Done. 1:39 pm. Rendering started.  The baths is pretty.  So is me.  Combernated?  Whuh-oh.  I feel fantastic right now.  I’ve been well fed for a few days, I have enough to fed me for another few days, and then I have a few more days of work at my dad’s.  My prototypes are coming along nicely, and I feel at balance with my tweeting time.  I gotta decide where to watch the stupid bowl, don’t I.  Probably the TK.  Probably.

Why?  ‘Cause I won’t know anybody, so they won’t be afeared to be their jackass racist, sexist, homophobic, and completely and hopelessly addicted to the very poisons they dream they are “beating” by their inaction.  Fucking yellers.  Old yellers.  It’s time.

77% rendered.  Unpaused from before.  Track 7 nawzize.  Fucking ear heaven, this album.  Pure. Fucking. Happy.  I need to edit the shitty parts out of my music some day.  Oh, wait, that’s why I put the raw files out free for anyone to work with.  I don’t make the e-sounds, kiddoze, I only trade ‘em.  Push ‘em.  Pimp ‘em.  Whatever.  She picks her boy.  She also knows if I’m worth my mettle, I’ll be where she needs me when and if she ever does.  They never seem to need me for long, either.  I’d be okay with that if there were others.  I don’t want to get in your way, honey pie.  If ya got resources to share, I can help with those.  If you’re possessive and scared of anyone else getting any use out of anything or anyone you get near, I will not spend much time around you.  Promise.

I’m gonna go watch the vid. Brb.

It’s up.

In other words, it eats the stew. The end.


p.p.s. Just finished phto-shpoppin’ @3:03. Brb.

Ok.  Postage. (3:39 pm, we here ‘til close to 5.)

4:12 pm, clicks publish.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-01-29 (Saturday).

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