‘nother walk?

Another walk?

So, after my 4:20 smoke this afternoon, I decided to walk around town.  This is, after all, the town I grew up in.  I walked down to main street, out to where 161 breaks west from 49.  That corner and I have a history.  I did an about-face and headed to the end of main street.  I say “end” because I stopped and read the historical placard that takes the place of a building that I saw burn to the ground.  I was one of the “bystanders” mentioned.  I continued up the hill between the church and the library to check the hours.  Expected.  Lame.  House for sale on main, ‘could probably house 5 in it comfortably.  Whatever.  You want to live alone.  Be alone then.  I crossed main to that street the elementary school is on, I forget the name of it.  That corner, at the bottom of the hill by the high school, is where I dreamt of a snapping turtle the size of my car biting my arm off.  Nightmares are that much more fun when they’re the only vivid dream you remember having, except for the one from that Scooby Doo episode.  Real animal, real place, much. more. terrifying.  But whatever.  You’re the one who’s scared.  I can’t de-scare you.  Only you can do that.

I must have been quite the sight for sore eyes (sticking out like the sore thumb that I am), walking about like a damn hobo hippie fool. jester. bard.  Shut up, you know, whatever!  I told my dad the other day, when he stated that my beard was a rather “in-your-face” act, “I’m not a politician, I’m a political actor.”  I act.  Do.  I am.  I have gazed upon the abyss and I am pleased and prepared.  The tasks at which I am truly capable may be few, but at these, I only ever do with all my heart and soul.

I’ve been beta-testing a line of medical devices, all experimental and whatnot.  Extension cord existence is well within reach.  Now the only question is whether I re-manufacture my own vehicle into my home, or find a slightly larger frame upon which to transport my itty bitty life.

I hope you understand how much I love you.  All.  So. Fucking. Beautiful.

The part ma bod what does the thinkies gets ummmm wronger? Wen u put ur face in r sight. Line. Hh hhaaa hottttt.  Whoa. Quit it unless u wannit. Goddammit, why nobody wannit!?

Anyway, two women jogged past me, and another was shoveling snow near the limb-losing corner where I used to be a 6th grade crossing guard.  Two kids had scurried out in front of me that block, too.  Busy place. Heh.  There were more places I could have explored, but the locals go so fucking nutty any time anything new happens in a town this small, it’s best not to rile ‘em.  Some other kids sang to me two blocks before dad’s.  Fresh lyrics.  I’m a rockstar incubator in skinny pants.  Global distro on a shoestring, ass tards.

I don’t need any one particular means of communications to convey this here message.  It goes out regardless of how you decide to take it in.  How can I help you?  What do you need?  I can do that.  How do you like it?  Let’s do more of that.

You make me not able to think. I hope you’re happy.

I want you. To want. Me. (cheap trick)

Back to work. Lates.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-01-27 (Thursday).

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