rent ewok

rent ewok (renty walk? no, not that. definitely not that.)

Should I post that?  Nahhh.

I ran into Good Grief today, two of ‘em.  I called Dirk at the 90, and flipped off Jesse across division street.  He was all like, “wtf, mate?” so I was all like two-year-old excitedly waving hello.  You’ve seen me do that, right?  Anywhoozer, I was on a walkNot the leisurely kind.  I don’t have time for such petty bourgeois luxuries.

Yeah, so I was gonna show you what my playlist is by copying it, but the utility I used to use for this purpose seems to be a trial-expired shareware thing called “kleptomania” that doesn’t exist any more.  I have to type it?  Lame.

  1. Pterodactyl (new favorite banned – called it!) – “Welcome home,” a free mPeg to the 3rd, uh, uh, from they website, uh, uh.
    1. Snazzy.
    2. p.s. I’m not even gonna fishnish thai-ping diss bi the thyme I get thorough listening to it.  So, there’s that.
  2. Spoon, Don’t u evah
  3. Traffic, low spark of high-heeled boiz
  4. B.C & PTB – 100 trash bags of weed (there’s a pattern here)
  5. Isolate – tragedy of the ruin
  6. “     “ – limitasolation
  7. WDU – compost the yuppie scum
  8. xzibit ft trick horse – highest form of understanding (suspected meh)
  9. Atmosphere – freefallin’ (my first com with RS was about this track)
  10. Go Home Productions’ smells like rockin’ robin (nirvana mash)
  11. Ima Robot – ruthless
  12. zen punk – park bench illusion
  13. zen punk – eleven (beautiful)
  14. zen punk – nala
  15. WDU (Proudhon in Manhattan)
  16. an 88-minute recording of 90fm from one night it was particuliarly awesome whenst I lived in the pLover.
  17. MIA’s newest album – /\/\ /\ Y /\ is how you spell it.
    1. (she gifted me this album personally, via the twittertoobz.  Thanks, beautiful.)
  18. the end.

Oh yeah, my walk.  Settle down, I’m getting to that.

My uncle just went into the hospital for surgery for an inoperable brain tumor.  Something.  That’s the reason I’m sobbing in the library, again.  Sorry.  If I had somewhere else warm to go, I would cry there.  What the fuck do you want from me?

Did you look at my walk link earlier?  It’s pretty.  It took kind of a lot of work, too.  Fucking google directions are shit.  Whatever, they’re just trying to sell ads.

Dad, if you ever read this, the program I was telling you about was Google Sketchup.

Here are some I found last night:

  • First, I found Ophiuchus
  • When that didn’t explain things, I dug deeper in the WikiPedias and found Ophiuchus (astrology)
  • Which finally led me to Sidereal astrology
  • So, there’s a split in the schools of thought of Astrology, huh?  Nobody could just say that?  Why?  Why does any story that has to do with ancient studies of reality have to be overly critical and clearly written by a fucking moron to get any press?  Oh, right.  Murderers are still in charge.
  • How could the movement of the planets NOT affect you.

Hyperbaric medicine could have cured my uncle.  He’s a sweet, gentle, hard-working human and he’s gonna die because of fucking capitalisms disallowal of health.  Fuck. Capitalism. Fuck greed, and fuck you.  (See also Oxygen therapy and my “heal” playlist.)

Hey, hey.  You have because you fill your body with poisons.  I smell like a human animal because I eat plants, and you still think I’m weird.  Fuck off.

Ok, on said walk, I took some pictures.  Let’s do those.


Number one is looking down division.

speeding! citizens' arrest!

Two is the speed limit sign with the YMCA (pronounced y’mm-kah – FALSE!) in the background.

we can still pull you over whenever we want

Three is “the obeying of laws”

Oh, hey, four is the corner where there used to be another beautiful, large house that was demolished on the whims of the landowners of this shitty fuckless town.  I hate the landowners here with such unbridled passion, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it much longer.  Fuck this town.

no park for you!

And five is the Y again, but with a “no parking” sign, ‘cuz you can’t stay there.  No, it’s like a fucking yuppie-wannabe “health-club” now.  Yeah,  I know that’s discrimination.  It’s the American way.

why funeral "home"?

I like Boston, too.  Takers?

fresh aeieres

So here’s where I finally turned off the stinky busy street.  It smelled much fresher and more pleasant than your little car corridors.  You guys suck.

does the devil live at /every/ crossroads?

I went down to the crossroads…

oh yes, she will be mine

Want. This. Castle.  I could turn her into something beautiful, if only there were one person who were capable of thinking.  Sadly, there is not.

"international style" architecture is/has neither. discuss.

Oh, hey, I could even work with a “property” like this.  First thing I’d do is remove the cameras on the outside to create a video studio inside somewhere.  I can’t even imagine how many people I could happily house in a building like this.  Probably thousands.  At least hundreds.  Whatever.  This town just gets uglier and uglier.  Fuck it.

well, the church is inflicting slightly less harm today, anyway

Hey, guess who’s standing in the middle of main street with headphones on taking a picture?  That’s right.  Me.

library window display

Here’s that display I told you about in the library.

The end.

On to the haggling with WordPress.  *sigh*

Ok, so I’m not sure if you quite understand how stressful detours like today are for me.  I don’t like doing things outside of my tiny little routine.  I think it’s horribly unfair the way you treat me because of this, but why should that be any different from anything else.

Library’s closing.  I just whispered “fuck” like four times in a row upon hearing this announcement.  Why don’t I know this schedule yet?  I was expecting to be here ‘til 9.  Shit.  Later.

Hey, it’s later (11:36 pm, CST), and I’m finally posting this.  I went to a bar earlier with one of my roommates.  He bought me a beer and I had a chance to eat a few handfuls of peanuts before the resident asshole chased me out by harassing the bartender then playing the shittiest music he could find.  I fucking hate people.  Everyone else just sat there and took it.  Fuckers like that aren’t contributing anything to society.  Anything.  They pay just enough for their pain-infliction to be tolerated, and they know there are 20 other bars in town where they can harass a waitress or bartender and nobody will do fucking shit.  I walked past him before I left.  I wondered, as I walked past him a second time, how much force I could have put behind my elbow, and whether the video-gambling machine he had been hiding (from me, duh) behind would have provided a solid enough surface to inflict the same amount of pain on him that he had inflicted on me in the short time I graced that hole-in-the-wall shithole with my presence.  It wouldn’t.  On the jukebox, he had played a nickelback song, some shit by a band called 5-finger death punch (oh. my. awful.), and a “dance” “song” whose lyrics said “dirty bitch” over and over.  He did, also, for the entire fucking song.  I have zero tolerance for that shit.  Zero.

Fuck.  At least my old neighbor said hello on the facebook, and I “liked” bunch of Wikipedia entries about astrology, dinosaurs, and, well, I already told you all of that stuff.  Anywhoozer… I’m feeling a bit better now, so I’ll post this.

B excellent to each other,


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