The sky was beckoning.  I’m not surprised that I can still sense her, but nothing that powerful ever really “leaves” you, does it?  I am similarly, yet completely differently, cursed.  I have accepted my place, for whatever purpose.  I’m a total fucking crybaby.

How could astrology not be true?  How could people born at similar times of year not share general and common traits in an un-examined and role-following society?  How could the gravitational pull, however slight, of the sun, moon, and stars not affect our physical/energetic/electro/chemical bodies?  Why do you shun assistance in whatever form it takes merely at the whim of “popularity” as determined, by… whom?  again?  decides what goes viral, oh, right.  The other guards/cops/narcs/slaves.  Great.  When are you going to accept the responsibility you bear to each and every one of these aspects of your personality.  If you cannot recognize them (and their right to exist) in yourself, you must surely be afraid of them in others, and you are therefore the problem.  Go ask my best friends how I deal with problems.  I scream and cry.  I throw people off of the dance floor.  I cut off verbal communications with my own mother.

So, what does this all mean for twitter?  Well, I’ve been unknown to do purposeful dyslexia before, then I’d be a fool to think any different!  I’m also (part of me, a yelly part) pissed at the twin cities (yeah, I know).  Most of that venom is mine.  I vaguely remember being told about a split within the ranks of Astrology, and I never investigated.  I guess I should also realize that the way I learn about these things on twitter is about the best possible incitement to my ass to figure our what the fuck is actually going on, and that I seem to have stumbled upon a community that either cares, or is at least willing to listen.  Heaven and hell are the same thing.

Cliff notes 4 life.  Steal this tweet.  Take whatever you need.  Infect you with my thoughts, words, patterns, essence.  I’m just waiting for the day the karmic orgasm scales tip back in my favor.  Then we’ll see.

Speaking of seeing, and the sky ¶1 describes a sky.  It looked like this, but, like, everywhere.  It’s even more clear now, and the blue is, and I quote, “better than HD.”

  • ☰ Heaven
  • ☱ Lake
  • ☲ Fire
  • ☳ Thunder
  • ☴ Wind
  • ☵ Water
  • ☶ Mountain
  • ☷ Earth
  • ♌ Leo
  • ²³ª‥…‧‣‴‷ⁿ
  • ず        Hiragana Letter Zu
  • ソ          Halfwidth Katakana Letter So
  • 乚        CJK Unified Ideograph
  • 三        CJK Unified Ideograph
  • ☈        Thunderstorm
  • ずソ乚三☈     牛爻爼爽爾

So that’s all I see this as.  There’s a split in the ranks of everything these days now, so what does it matter?  All it means is the same thing I recognized from the beginning.  You have to listen to everybody to determine what the truth is.  For many people, the truth is, “I am a verbally abusive person (through my timbre, choice of words, and the fact that babbling for hours on end without purpose, direction, or even the ability to back up one’s own words with action) and I accept this capability of mine as a useful means of communicating with many individuals in the past.  My fear of silence is my fear of death, for without these words to fill the air, we’re not philosophically deforesting fast enough.  Let them grow.  They’re ideas.  They can’t hurt you.  There’s no need to attack them as seedlings.  Granted, if a broken bone starts to heal back crooked, isn’t it customary to re-break it?  Fuck yeah, it hurts.  Good pain, I think, they call that.  I better start posting.

taste the skein

Eat nutritionally dense foods, and drink lots of room temperature tap water. Listen to your body. Feel with every part of you. Fill your lungs with fresh, outdoor-plant oxygenated air. Touch the people who already know they want you to touch them. Believe, only, ever, in all.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2011-01-15 (Saturday).

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