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fyi: News: US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in AZ, USA, 5 dead
yeah, for real. Five dead. Library flag’s at half mast.  I wonder whether my knowing this was the reason I looked.  Or maybe I could just tell from y’all’s mood as of late that the man was getting’ an itchy trigger finger what with things bein’ so peaceful and all.  What a horrible thing to have happen.  May all parties involved trust that there must be some unseen, unknown good within all of this, and may it be a reminder to all of us that the war in which our society engages in on a daily basis may strike any one of us at any moment.  My old roommate put it this way.  You ain’t gonna get hit by a bus on your way to work.  You’re gonna get hit by a bus when you’re on your way to get laid.  Murphy’s law (is bullshit).  Arizona must have some good gentle fucking coming.  I dunno.  Karma or whatever.  Live peace, siblings. Live it.

There’s more from

K. That’s enough weepies for one day.

I tooked some facey pics. I hope you like ‘em.  I’m putting ‘em here rather than twitpic ‘cuz the library won’t allow twitpic.  I know it’s stupid.  I can’t help it.

dirt serius

New strategeries today.  All, a round.  Ha ha!


So, I’m researching proxy thingies, and I found, which, like most of the best, lightest-weight and most bare-bones functional software, is controlled by asshole know-it-alls who could give a fuck about gui or helping new users out.  Do you little wank-monkeys even want other people to use your fucking software?  Help a brother/sister out, will ya?


The FreeNet project is showing promise. As is the TOR project (download page).  Holy mcFucksticks, software be getting’ useful.  OPEN SOURCE! OPEN SOURCE! OPEN SOURCE!


Hey, baby doll, if you don’t like me hearing what you’re talkling about, feel free to block me on the twitters.  Honestly, you have my e-mail address, so you know how to get in touch with me if you need to.  And, just generally, people on twitter, same policy applies.  If you don’t care whether I hear what you’re tweeting, leave it.  Otherwise, the “block” function of twitter merely cuts off a follower.  That’s all.  It doesn’t say that they’re a bad person, it just prevents them from adding your feed to theirs.  If you block then unblock, they may again follow.  This will prove your “live and let live” approach to twitter.  If they DO follow again, after you’ve made it clear to them that you don’t want them listening to you, then sustained blocking is perfectly justified.  I can also imagine cases where a person’s general disposition requires you to not want to have anything to do with them ever.  In that case, block.  Don’t unfollow.  Don’t lead this person to believe you give a flying fuck whether they care about anything you say.  If I @ reply you and you don’t follow many of your followers, and you don’t follow back, I may very well unfollow for this reason.  I’ll probably put you in a list if that’s the case, in case you want to find me again, but that’s up to you.  You’re beautiful, baby, but this is a word/time-sharing place.

Also found this.

Nope. Those aren’t what I’m looking for.

ProxySwitcher may be the answer.  I got the name from “find-a-good-windows-proxy-switcher” but had to google it to find out that cNet hosted it.  The difficulty in maneuvering through the internet to find stuff like this is another form of censorship.  Or tracking.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet more of “the authorities” have better and faster access to your shit if you run these things.  Just a guess.  I don’t believe in the internet as “wild wild west” because there are physical wires all over the fucking place.  The bad people are in on the development of all of the decentralized technologies, and nothing any one person says matters anyway.  We are herded at that level.

I was thinking about this earlier today (Aside, I love software instructions like this), and I’ve alluded to it before.  If there’s anyone out there who’s read every public word, you may recognize this concept.  So, the connections between people, relationships, if you will, are like connections in a database.  Every time you see a person with your eyes, you are aware of them.  They exist.  Suddenly, you could see them in a dream, or you may wonder what they are doing at the very same moment as yourself.  This is communication.  Once established, the imagination fills in the unavailable details.  Unless further communications do.  Contact is contact.  If your brain and mine are in the same building, within eyeshot, within earshot, we are communicating.  The internet allows many unique ways of communicating.  It’s quite fascinating, actually.  And, different people are good at communicating in these different ways.  Some,

I could use cold-weather running/biking gear.  I don’t get enough fresh air here, and I’m freezing most of the time.  I’m sorry I’m so incapable on the money front.  I know it makes me look useless.  I’ve seen me do actual matter-movement before, so I know it can be done.  The question now is why.  Who are the participators in this abandoned life, and for what reasons.  When I’m honest about my feelings and I’m yelled at, I am being informed, by you, the yeller, that honest, calm discussion of our shared life is not even a possibility.  It’s really too bad.  I could have used your help.  Whatever.  Go die, deathbringer. WraithWar-tattler.

Ok, so you know how when you have an in-grown hair how you gotta pluck it out?  Well, I had one on my face, right at the top of my beard.  I traced the hair, and it was about 4 inches long.  I yanked it.  No need for tweezers.  Utilitarian, kids.  I know I could trim it and it would shed less in public spaces, but I’m taking advantage of our pre-gattaca freedoms while we still have any at all.

I recently discovered the “control-shift-delete” chrome shortcut, though it still requires an additional key-press or mouse-click to work.  Fucking useless, software is.

So, windows update seems to be causing my delays.  I guess when you click on a link in word, your computer has to ask Bill Gates personally whether you can go to that url or not.  Come on, he’s loaded!  And he’s dedicated his life to distributing corporate poison!  Serves him right for the malware he inflicted upon us.  Yeah, I know he started out with honest intentions, but he just turned into a new-age coal magnate.  Fuck billionaires.

So, WikiPedia, you can fuck right the fuck off with that fucking color ad banner that I have to click closed on every fucking page.  Really, you think the people who use Wikipedia have any fucking money?  So you’re just gonna waste bandwidth and screen pixel-estate then.  Fuck off.

I just walked past an exhibit I hadn’t paid close attention to before.  It’s a poster/display that was created through a partnership between the PCPL and an organization in Rostov, RussiaPics here and map here.  Then there’s the city of  Rostov-on-Don (English) Ростов-на-Дону (Russian) and this family history-styled account (I found it, didn’t read it).  The display is a window frame, (no doubt “salvaged” from said municipality under the same guise of “progress” which currently demolishes this town’s historic architecture) and within, a poster of different decorative windows of this town, or region.  It’s pretty.

I have pictures for myspace.  I wonder if that’ll work from here.

MySpace Picture References:

Useful Chrome Information

Be well everyone,

p.s. This post’s shortlink:

What am I looking for?  In other words, what do I want:

I want to travel.  I want to meet people I’ve met on twitter first-hand.  I want to speak, play, and dance for as many people who would like to see or hear me.  I would like to stay with people, at their houses, and eat home prepared food with them.  I have no problem with a living room or basement show with only five people there if I am fed and make enough money to cover my transportation.

Supposing someone in town here decided I ought to stick around and do this shit here, I would like a hairstylist who can do my beard and hair in some sort of combination of cornrows, French braids, and a Mohawk.  In exchange for this, I will help you make a video to promote your services.  The agreement will be referral-mention percentage-based, with very specific stipulations about services being traded.

Barring those things, I want to make enough money to survive by posting my thoughts to the internet.  I refuse to support ad-based media, and I don’t want to prevent those who can’t afford my work or who want to try before they buy from seeing it.  That said, I came up with an idea for a new FB “like” thingy.  I didn’t set it up.  Ok, well, I was gonna call my new page “◄†¥₤€®► made me smile once” and would have the same paypal link.  Not much else to say at this point.

I’d like a girlfriend, or friends, eventually, but I can’t afford to eat or pay rent right now.  That’s kind of a priority.  Hell, if you’re gonna feed me, let me stay with you, I don’t really care what you want to call me.  Sex must be mutually desired to take place (in other words, both you and I must want it to happen and at the same time), and I’m frighteningly cautious or picky.  I can’t really tell which.

If I could afford to fix my car, I’d do that.  If I could afford to declare bankruptcy, I’d do that.  If I could afford to pay my student loans, I’d do that.  Right now, I’d like a warm, quiet, lockable room where I can sleep in peace.  Raw vegan food, and/or a place to prepare it would be pretty nice, too.  These days, I go to the library to do this “work” because it’s warm and I don’t have to pay for internet.  What part of “financially destitute” don’t you understand?

Once the metabolic/physiological requirements are taken care of, I may be able to see a bit further into the future.  Right now, I’m not quite literally starving (I don’t suffer from the malnutrition most Americans do), but I don’t have a safe place to stay.  You try being happy and productive in a situation like that.  Actually, don’t.  I wouldn’t wish my auto-torture on even my worst enemy.  They’d never survive it anyway.  Weaklings.

I talked to my dad, and he’s going to hire me to do some work for him that will cover my rent for this month.  Then, I have 2 weeks to find a new place to live (with exactly $20 in my wallet) or I have to figure out some way to make another $214.  I know they “raised the rent” illegally, but I am not willing to fight back on this.  I can’t take getting yelled at again.  I’d go to a shelter, but I feel like I’d just get laughed at.  What do you care?  Leave me alone.

Send cash here please. Thanks.

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