I ♡ this place

I love this place.

And, for once, twitter, I’m not only referring to you.  Neener.

I grabbed a paper.  Gannett Wisconsin Media is already suckin’ Walker’s dick like Madden does favre’s.  No shit.  Must be a cheesehead thing.  Who fuckin’ knows.

Hey, and even the local staff think that the cops getting a huge chunk of money is a fantastic idea.  Fuck food! More guns!

Catheter just started.  I really need to see those fuckheads again.  Cranked to ear-bleeding.  This is just the intro.  You can’t possibly understand how much physical labor it is for me to dance to a song like this.  After a show like that, I’d sleep for days.  No 9 to 5 could possibly contain me.

Ap Story: Obama signs Sept. 11 first responders bill by Julie Page.

2nd column, “The $4.2 billion measure will be paid for with a fee on some foreign companies that get U.S. government procurement contracts.”

What the fuck does that mean?  It means what this bill really does is pay an outside company to assassinate the last remaining sick firefighters because they’re the last remaining people in the area who know the whole story.

Newspapers are less obvious at the local level.  You gotta read carefully.

P. 7A “Police agencies now collecting race data”

What the fuck for?  To ensure than racism shall never die?  Fuck you, pigs.  People are people, and more and more it seems like you’re the only actual violent people out there.  The fucking NAACP supports the law?  Whose side are they on?  Why does the concept of race even exist?  Same reason as gender.  So that one person who claims to be “the authority” on every-fucking-thing can tell you who else you’re supposed to hate.  Fuck them.  Fuck that.  I’ve met all of these people, in person.  Your laws are the only problem.

This is a stupid solution.  Every department knows who the racist cops are.  Get those fuckers into counseling, or forcing them to confront this thing out in the field is only going to cause stress and problems.  Emphasize that cops are there to prevent harmful acts, and that race should be the last thing they care about.  Poverty, which was only mentioned once in this article, needs to be examined FAR MORE CLOSELY.  The poor in this country have been abandoned by “their government.”  There is no “public” support, and there is no “public” safety.  There are a bunch of asshole, racist, pre-judgmental dicks who drive around in souped up cars with lights and guns.  They even got air support.  Fuck.  Tell the nice officer what he wants to know about who you are, and don’t tell him any more than he needs.  He doesn’t like this little interview any more than you do, so let him go back to whatever it is honky assholes do in their down time.  Maybe there are some good sports talk radio shows.  Come on, dude, that job’s gotta suck.  Constant tension between poor people with no way to actually help them out?  I don’t care what race you are, that’s got to suck.  Your only capacity is to show up and be a peacekeeper.  How boring.  Keeping people from getting hurt.  BUT I WANNA SHOOT A FUCKING TERRARIST!!!  Crimeny.  Smoke some a that dank you just confiscated, brother.  You’ll feel better.  Trust me.

Here’s the thing, as long as I’ve got your attention, coppers.  You could stop the drug war.  In its tracks.  Yeah.  Quit fucking with people.  Leave them alone.  Worry about the stuff that causes actual harm.  Go nab you a wife-beater.  Teach a lesson to a boyfriend-slapper without killing him, permanently traumatizing him, or ruining his life.  Are you nuanced enough to be able to pull off shit like that?  If not, why not?  Hey, you’re human.  Fuck what cop shows tell you you have to be, or what you’re supposed to be.  Use your fucking eyes and the brain that god gave you and figure out who the criminals are.  They’re the ones who keep drugs illegal.  They’re the ones who partake in all of the “illegal stuff” because it’s not really illegal for them.  I know you’ve had a taste of this, copper.  Imagine what it would be like if it were essentially unlimited.  Then what?  Would you trust yourself with that kind of freedom?  Who are you keeping your eyes on, kiddo?  Poor people need to eat.  You really gonna bust or ruin poor people for trying to eat?  Who’s keeping them from eating, and why do you give those assholes a free pass.  Classism is far more cruel than racism.  Shit, racism will get you in trouble these days.  This fucking law that prompted this whole fucking rant is essentially a data-gathering effort to find racist cops.  Why?  Because there are black people in the community, in many communities, who matter.  They don’t want to be annoyed by some small town dickhead with a chip on his shoulder.  Fuck with the poor people.  They can’t do nothing about it.  Power-tripping asshole.  Fuck you and your pension.

It was in my Psychology of Influence and Persuasion class that I learned that if you say something blunt and honest to people first, and follow it with a compliment, they will like you AND trust you.  If you compliment them first, then they just remember the later insult, but if you leave them with something positive, they like that.  Plus, you already told ‘em what they needed to hear (honest, no-BS friend, etc.).  It’s all very pseudo-scientific, really.

“Navy to investigate lewd videos.” Headline, p. 8A.

Hey, who says a single voice screaming in the wilderness can’t echo up and down the chambers and hallways of power, echoing back into a photo of a warship that probably went on to kill a bunch of poor people in honor of the generals’ collective lost hardons. Get help or get lost, you rapist losers.  There’s nothing about consensual sex that you should feel ashamed about, so who cares about the rituals that that horrible organization made you endure.  And, if that horrible organization made you into something different than you thought you were before, there are plenty of people on this planet who will continue to love you for who you are now.  I’m quite sure of it.

Comics today, Beatle Bailey was nearly anti-violence (!?), Wizard of Id devoured a judge, Dilbert sold a kid for “a handful of carbon credits,” Luann was about non-judgmental, non-assuming, mutual kissing.  Get Fuzzy… LOL and I quote, “Muppets sense fear.  Well, that and comedy, too, but that’s irrelevant here. DO NOT SHOW A MUPPET FEAR. BE STRONG.” Best part of Pearls Before Swine is the arm-brace in panel 2.  Physical comedy, people.  It’s all about the physical comedy.

Don’t fucking hate on numerology around me.  Seriously.  I’ll chuck books at you faster than you can block ‘em.  I’ll find coincidences embedded within your own words that will blow your fucking head apart.  From the inside.  Read the fucking horoscopes.  All of them.  They will put you in a state of zen, and the messages that are intended for you will stick out like a sore thumb.  Sometimes they’re under your sign, and sometimes they’re not.  Of course they sound general.  We’re the same person.  You and I.  We have seen the same things, lived the same lives amongst the same people.  We are exactly alike.  The trick now is to recognize that in one another.  When you can do this quickly, the whole world is your family, and there is nothing to fear.  Evah.

For ex-whample: “The message you’ve been sending your friends and family will finally be heard when someone from the outside make it clear.  The proverb says no one is a prophet in his own land.” Is that a typo? Or an order.  You get the idea.  Move on to the next one.  Do we really have to repeat ourselves over and over and over and over and over and over and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and… (haha!)

I’m not even done readoing my whoreorschope!  Sheesh.

“An honest difference is better than a dishonest agreement.”  See.  That’s insightful shit. That was Leo.  The first one was Cancer. Virgo, “mine, ” is “If you’ve ever had a dream you didn’t want to wake up from, you know that illusion can be the sweetest pleasure.  Since your imagination is so active now, indulge yourself in a wonderful flight of fancy.

Here’s my thoughts on global warming: WHO THE FUCK CARES!  The actions you should be taking should be the exact fucking same regardless of whose statistics you believe! You fuckers are worse than educated sports fans!  My statistics can beat up your statistics!  WHO FUCKING CARES! YOU’RE STILL DOING NOTHING BUT ARGUING. LINK TO THE ORIGINAL SOURCES AND SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT ALREADY!!!

Am I clear?  I want a big building that has a shit-ton of rooms.  An old hotel, like the one I saw yesterday, in Detroit (pics from somewhere else far away), I would take one of those.  That would be perfect.  Lockable, communications.  Capacity.  Look, I gots lots of friends.  They need a place to crash, too.  We’re gonna garden and make all kinds of art.  Whatever you give us for all of this stuff, we split evenly.  By hour if that’s what everyone wants.  We can just split it evenly if you want.  I don’t care.  I’m gonna work 24×7 like I always have regardless of how much money, resources, or credits you give me.  I just want to be around a bunch of foul-mouthed girls who really like fucking me.  Seriously.  That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Ok, so I feel like I should say more to the soldiers out there.  Sailors, marines, whatever the fuck you call yourselves.  You’re fucking slaves of the man, no matter how he tries to stroke your pathetic little ego.  He’s the one who crushed it in the first place, right?  Well, are you not able to move?  Fuck post-traumatic stress.  You’re just as capable a meat-bot now as when you started.  I have sitting here in front of me, “The Bluejackets’ Manual” 21st Edition.  Do you want me to find the sex references in it?  I know they’re there.  There’s probably more sex in this book than there is in the bible!  Fuckin’ a right.  Soldiers physically comforting other soldiers is as old as soldiers.  Yeah, ancient.  So fucking what.  Fuck the outside world’s labels.  So you have a best physical friend who happens to be the same sex as you.  Fine.  If you use that as an excuse to go beat up somebody else, I’ll bash you upside the head for being violent, but I don’t care who you fuck in your own time.  I just want you to know that whoever it is, if it’s consensual, that’s fine, but if it’s not mutual, what are you doing that for anyway?  Would you like being kept on a leash?  No, it’s not the only way they’ll listen.  You have to not be scared of your own vulnerability, though.  You’re not kidding anyone acting so fucking hardass all the time.  In fact, enough people know how that sort of thing works in humans, that they probably know more of the whole truth than you’re even willing to admit to yourself.  See, they’re not making fun of you for it.  They’re pushing your buttons because you still have buttons to push.  Get rid of those fucking buttons and be who you know you are.  Let other people be who they are.  You don’t have to endorse it, or like it, or any of that.  Just let them be.

Dude, the reason I don’t talk to you is because you’re a reactionary, judgmental dick.  I don’t blame you for feeling so isolated and neglected, so overlooked.  We all are.  The quick, sensitive kids.  I feel ya.  Let it out.  I’ll be here when you’re ready.  Page through the people I’m following and I bet you some really good friends will pop out, if you’re willing to give them a chance.  They don’t sound like the usual suspects.  They ain’t never gonna get no fucking TV face-time, but that’s how you know they’re the good ones.  Diamonds are for the tips of drill bits, blades, and augers, and a symbol of the slavery and enslavement mechanisms that still exist on this planet, as are cars, expensive fashion, and huge empty houses in the most fertile areas on the planet.  GROW SOME FUCKING FOOD, YOU RICH ASSHOLES!  Don’t let them tell you that their richness gives them anything over you.  Physically, in person, I know you could run circles around ‘em, and that’s why they don’t follow you back.  Fuck ‘em.  The ones who listen to you through all of your hateful rants and still love you, those are the people worth revering.  Say hello.  If I’m in a shitty mood, I may not be very nice.  I’ll probably be honest, regardless.  I don’t care if other people know we talk, so it’s up to you whether it’s a mention, a DM, or something else.  I like getting “permission” for using a more intimate means of communication (IM/e-mail > Twitter/DM/FB > ranting at everyone), but that acts more as a testing-the-waters, excuse to talk/compliment/notify.  Yeah, I like telling the world who I’m in love with.  They help me remember, and they pick up my slack.  I don’t care if the love you need comes from me.  I just want to make sure you get as much as you need.

I just cracked the Navy Manual, and the dedication says all I need:

“This book is dedicated to all those sailors who held a steady helm in the past, those who are steering a straight course today, and those who will plot the Navy’s path into the future.”

Fuck that.  My military (the trench-coat militia, patents pending) asks, tells, and loves all of its soldiers regardless of their preference.  How else do you put people with the people they want to be with?  You have to be honest about your preferences if you’re ever going to get what you want.

It’s kind of ironic that I found this book.  I found something similar to this in college, but for a frat.  Sorry, fraternity.  Yes, I do call my country a cunt, when she is one.  Or, you know, has one.  I am not offended by different words for vaginas, nor by vaginas themselves.  I like them.  I wish I saw them in person more often.  I like how they taste, I like how they smell, and I like the people who see through my vicious flailing, ranting, and swearing to see how gentle some of us actually are.

Fuckin’ a, Aircraft carriers are cool.  Could you modify these things to plant seeds and irrigate remote areas?  Asking for me/us.

HAhaha.  There’s a menu in here.  They got fruit gelatin in the speed line.  Glue factory byproducts get government contracts, dude.  Corporate synergy, dude!

Daily Reunite (on ice)

0530 Reveille (just like we did for CCC, ‘member?)

Oh, the modern, sanitized, fighting slave.  So much less effective than a fully functioning meatbot, but a juggernaut in large numbers to manipulate the oil/steel/lead/fire death machine at your fingertips.  They don’t want you to use it wisely, they want you to fear for your life if you don’t do exactly as you’re told.  Fuck that.  An army of 12 of me could take an army of billions of yours.  That’s right.  Billions.  I know you know this.  I see our stale-mate, and the ball’s in your court.  Far as I can tell, I gain power the longer you wait.  I guess you see that, too.  The inevitability of your crushing defeat (in one sense, as a part of that unsustainable death-machine) shall be dwarfed by the victorious awakening of your personal, individual capability.  All that bullshit they told you about the weakest link and the soldier of one and all that, that’s how we do.  Soldiers of planet humanity don’t need permission, because they see the best course personally.  They inflict no pain, they guard the downtrodden, and they live the course that sets the best possible future for as many people as possible.  Failure to see this is merely the cloudiness of past systems whose purpose was to keep you in the dark, under this massive pyramid of hate and violence.  No more.  The pyramid is merely a tool for power generation.  It is a means of communication and transfer of forces, not a hierarchy of worth.  When those “at the very bottom” have immediate access and input to those at “the top” (in other words, whose capabilities differ from their own), the purposes of all can finally match.  The pyramid inverts, and doesn’t.  The merkaba ensues, and the meek literally inherit the earth.

Ok, I gotta pee, get more coffee, post this shit, and then I’ll read some tweets.


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