Rip Eagle.

Rip Eagle.

Not to be confused with rip nasty.  Oh, never mind.

I heard last night.  Dictator’s minion stopped by to tell me of the building’s demise.  Why was this even a shock to me?  I heard again on the radio, as “her” voice streamed right into my ears.  Was demolished.  Passive voice.  Not, mayor asstard McMall and the “well, that’s progress” bunch (all the rest of you) demolished another historic building while everyone was still materialist gluttony vacationing.  This is when these things get done.  No spotlight.  No recycling.  Just turn a historic building into trash.  FUCKING DESPICABLE!

Fine, pictures.

dump blocker

I round the corner, and my heart drops.

The dump truck tries to block the view (conspiracy with my delayed camera), but I’m not looking away from this massacre of useful materials, spaces, and architecture.

fence approach

The stop sign is lit.

another responsible "human"

The “heavy equipment operator” is “just doing his job.” Fascist fucking slave.  FUCK YOU AND YOUR PENSION!

nom goes the steamshovel

Metal roofing that could have fixed how many poor people’s roofs?  How many woodsheds?  Bricks?  Naw, those are trash.  Put them back in the ground.  That’s how it works.

for sale (to other fascists only)

I would have personally dismantled it with hand tools and my bare hands.  It might have taken me a month or two, but I could have put every single scrap of material in this “dilapidated” building to good use.  Never mind that friends of mine actually proposed a perfectly legitimate use for it AS A FUCKING BUILDING.

materials magically transformed to landfill

What a fucking hack job.  Capitalism, contractors, FAT, FUCKING RICH WHITE ASSHOLES, YOU’RE ALL FUCKING WORTHLESS!!!

caution tape is the invisibility cloak

Caution tape, and the elbow of destruction.

money shot

Detour to Division Street Motels & Distractions.  Attractions.  Whatever.  Look over there.  NOTHING TO SEE HERE.  GO FUCKING SHOPPING, YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING SHEEPLE.

sunny day

Thank god for you, sun.  Sun god for thank you.  You god thank for sun. Sun for god, thank you.

The activity in the mall was interesting to see, too.  Apparently, the grand plan so far is to turn ye olde “market”place into an institutional of higher learning.  That’s great.  Sink these poor jobless people further into a helpless debt hole while teaching them slave skills and slave mentality at the same time.  I hate all of you.  Never speak to me again, anyone ever.

Here’s the thing, though.  This thing that just happened, it’s gonna put Mall Dick on the fast track.  Destroying beautiful things is a republican resume-builder in this fucked up state of affairs.  Much like the rape and trafficking of children, it puts you in good stead with the lord.

Well, how about this.  May the souls of all the children raped and murdered by all of the judges, lawyers, politicians, cops and other “businessmen” in the Eagle Plumbing and Heating Building rest easy.  Be at peace, young ones.

That’s how it works, kids.  Rich people are the ones doing all the bad stuff. When that shit’s trending, it’s just the Illuminati bragging about their own misdeeds.  Don’t enable that shit.  Call a fucking spade a fucking spade.

captain failure

Love, your big worthless fucking failure of an everything.  I did everything in my anti-social ass’s power to keep the “powers” that destroy from tearing down that beautiful old building.  In other words, nothing.  What the fuck did you do?

I’ll feel better tomorrow

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-12-29 (Wednesday).

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