As in Evil, fucktards.

I have been having the most fantastic fucking day you could never imagine.  It actually matches how you assholes treat me, but without all the noise.  Hea-fucking’ven.

I have a new AVI for Twitter and a whole new album worth of audio (it’s here and it’s called “X-missEev”).  [FLAC help here] Cash.  Money.  Hose.  Hoez.  No, prostitute-type whores.  Yes, them.  That.  Now, please?  It’s all I want/need/love.  If’n y’ain’t givin’ it up, y’ain’t doin’ me no favors.

Except stars.  And, umm, saying nice things to me.  And, looking at me and talking to me.  Gently.  You know I want you to be touching me, so that’s not even really a question.  Girls.  Ladies.  Bitches and cunts, too.  Whatever feminine word you self-apply, that don’t really matter much.  The essential preference lies on something else.  I don’t know what it is, but if y’ain’t got it, I’m not gonna make you feel bad for not.  And, I’ll help you find someone who does like what you got.  No problem.

I was gonna talk to you about something, but I forgot.   Maybe I put it on the audio.  Mebbe no.

Well, I thought of something else, so never mind.  K.  Know how you gotta be able to make music that everybody likes, or at least that a lot of people like, in order to get, you know, signed.  To get a record contract, whatever, you have to be able to make good music.  The people that have that ability, for example, also have the ability to speak on a number of different subjects.  Yes, they do.  Why should we care?  Well, who the fuck else to we listen to on those subjects?  Teachers?  TV personalities?  Newspaper columnists and book authors?  Why is one person’s thoughts held over those of another?  I don’t fucking care if it’s a 13-year-old girl from a country 85% of Americans have never heard of.  If she has a thought on the matter, it ought to be considered right along with anybody else’s.  Which, if you’re paying attention from home, you’re beginning to realize, is exactly the reason she ain’t heard from, like, ever.  She has exactly the same opinion on matters as most of the poor people.  Most of the PEOPLE on this retarded-ass planet.  The majority want to grow their own clean food and eat and drink clean food and water and sleep and fuck in peace.  That is all.

My face is numb from the wine.  It’s 8:39 pm now. CST.  Satan will be here soon.  Santa, whatever.  Materialism by any other name wouldn’t smell like anything other than shit.

Oh, I remembered.  Your loss.

So, I have lately had this feeling like any random person on the street might come up to me and start screaming at me.  I dunno.  I just kinda get the feeling that someone would consider this to be an appropriate reaction to my tweets –n– blog.  Oh, you might think I’d be scared of it, but I know how to translate.  Regardless of the “words” used, I would know whatever said dick-fart would “say” or “yell” to actually mean:

Asshole, my daughter and wife are both completely in love with you.  My wife will never cheat on me, but I know she thinks of you when we fuck.  Also, my daughter, who’s not even attained the age of consent yet, plans to arrange her 18th birthday so as to give her virginity to your lame, broke ass.  I strongly dislike all of this.

Well, sir.  Pay me to be somewhere else when the fateful day arrives.  Maybe she’ll fuck that neighbor kid or the age-appropriate version of your sellout ass.  Or, maybe she’ll become a nun and you’ll never have to worry about my dirty little fingers runnin’ all up in your little girl ever again.  I don’t care.  Fuck off.

That’s not exactly as I remembered it, but you get the idea.


There’s cheese in the fridge.  I’m nearly that hungry.

The house has been empty but for me and the cat since around noon.  I love it here.  For once.

Research: Sylvester Graham 1851 “Am dietary reformer”

Graham flour/cracker?

It’s nearly middy.  G’nite!




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◭☣☠ †¥₤€® ☯☢◮

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◮❀☯ †¥₤€® ✇✌◭

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degradable. ◄ 〶 – ★/☑/№™/©/®/☣/☠/☢ ◭§₤@¥€®◮. ☯/▲/〷/¶/≈/∞ⁿ/∆/π/∴/☮/✌/♥/↑↓/❀/♫/♨/✇/(シ) fiend. ▀▄ ♥♫ ❦♪ ♡♩. I love you all crazy madly. ►

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