This install process is hung

This install process is hung

On a password

I can’t think of a password to use for TweetDeck.  And, I’m not gonna pronounce it like that.  It’s gonna be, “TWEET!, Deck.” But like liam would say.  Heh heh heh.

But seriously, what the fuck should I use as a password?

Maybe I should restart my ‘puter, too.  Ya think?  We already got like a million svchost processes runnin,’ and Chrome has been updated, and you just generally suck.  Aaaahhh!  Why are you always yelling at somebody!  I bet either you’re just hungry, or you’re a submissive little crybaby in real life.  Whatever.  Dude.  Are you a veteran?  Did you witness a bunch of deaths in real life?  People close to you?  As if that matters.  I connect myself to all of you daily.  That’s a hell of a lot closer than I allow the violent oppressive assholes that live around me to get.

Some of you are so fucking ass-backwards, I wonder if you even know how to love another person.  To just let them be themselves, whatever that happens to be.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Just because I recognize and understand this concept does not make me able to do it in every situation.  It is, however, my goal.  People know their own purpose and direction, and I want them to be able to see that.  I suspect, often, that they project their own disapproval of “others” to distract them from their personal disapproval of their own lives.  What is it, you’d say, ya do here?  I really hope Beavis is played by Mike.  That would be crazy ironically hilariousity.  I may just have to tweet that.

Restarting requires not-girl-talk, and I’m just not willing to do that at the moment, ,so just sit here and listen to re mamble.  I know what I said!  Meat!  Wad!  I’m not a retard like you!  – Captain Master Shake

How have these haters infiltrated my realm?

I was gonna try to translate last night’s tweets, but it might hurt.  I’ll try to punch them through you.  They hurt less that way.

Every time you call something or someone “gay” as an insult, it gives me permission to slap my fat cock across your face after I’ve cold-cocked your face with my fist right in front of your mother, family, and friends.  Really?  You’re gonna make me clamp your jaw down on your own tongue so you can make me cum in your eye?  Ok, if that’s how it’s gotta be.  I’m just saying, fair warning.

Every time you refer to yourself or another female as “bitch,” and you mean it in a way that has nothing to do with dogs and everything with hate, you give the man permission to force you into ridiculously inappropriate roles in the name of “freeing” yourself.  Oh, and your silent penitence to his control of your dollars is more morally repugnant than anything the vast classes of people you talk shit about have ever done in real life.

If you ever suck the dick of a comedian who has ever uttered a “dead hooker” joke, don’t expect to get anywhere near mine.

What else.  There have to be larger segments of the population I can piss off yet today, aren’t there?  Maybe I should just get a fucking password.

Restart time!

Whoa.  And we are back.

It’s almost as if they’re saying, yeah.  We know.  We tried with him, too.  Fucker won’t listen.  Doesn’t need to.  He reads minds, eyes, and bodies, too.

The reason I don’t complain in real life is that every time the room is filled with people who are unwilling to pay me anything for my free entertainment, it fills with really beautiful people.  Then, when I can hear, and want to, the room fills with people who make beautiful sounds.  Then, when little pictures and words are the only “thing” “in” the “room,” the convergence gives me goosebumps.  All I can talk about is getting horny, ‘cuz that’s all I ever do.  Look, if you want me to talk about how much awesome sex my fat cock is getting, one of you’s just gonna have to hop on that grenade.  Take one for the team.  Really?  You like listening to me yelling at everyone for being enslaved by banks and TV?  How could you like that?  Oh, you don’t hear that, do ya.  Fucking selective hearing.  Aaaahhhh!!!!  Thank god for selective hearing.

I also did this. Read it and weep!


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-12-9 (Thursday).

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