Last Night’s Tweets, Verbose Mode

Last Night’s Tweets, Verbose Mode

Ok, I was just checking my e-mail and this came through:

Also, I have a local paper here.  In town, there’s an “employee owned” (I haven’t personally investigated details of this yet) printing company, and they just printed the president’s “letter to his daughters.”  In beautifully subtle Midwestern dumb-play-condescention (aka Minnesota nice, mother’s love, etc.), they surround the book with the “diary of a wimpy kid” series, which they also print.  It reminds me of the GB wimp factor cover.  I love, most, about politics, that the politicians spend all this time picking on each other, criticizing non-policy related actions, while the whole time, all of their policy decisions are exactly the same, and that’s the most offensive shit they do.

Also, front page headline: 30 seek top job for Point schools.

Which, actually, is a good transition to another aspect of this post:

I watched two movies last night.  Started with Orange County (Jack Black, the Hanks kid, Ramis, O’Hara, Lithgow… and more.)  If you haven’t seen it, you really should.  It’s a funny movie.  Anyway, after that, I watched Caddyshack.  Piss-yo-pants funny, that.  Pay attention to the individual actors.  The script has gotten less funny to me over the years, but the physical comedy and intonation are genius.  Fuckin’ Ramis, man.  You can smell him all over it.  Did you know I used to live in the house that Animal House was based on?  Of course you didn’t.  Why would you care?

Anyway, so in one scene on the golf course, Rodney Dangerfield’s character, upon being burned by the hot little Italian caddy, says, “when are you due back at Boy’s Town?”

This movie is full of sex.  Why the fuck do you think a) I like it b) it’s a cult classic and c) it’s never going to be acknowledged as “fine filmmaking” to the critical fascists.  This is exactly what they’re trying to prevent.  Open sex.  Free sex.

So, Boy’s Town: read this now.  Then, watch this.  It’s a youtube video that’s part of a playlist, too.  It should just play, but you may have to pause it to let each segment load.  Maybe I’m the only one who has to even do that any more.  Who knows. Who cares.

My “Evidence of Conspiracy” playlist is gone.  Fuck you, Google.  Enabling evil IS EVIL YOU FASCIST FOR-PROFIT FUCKS!!!  Enjoy your wealth, sir’s and ma’ams.

False alarm.  You just have to click on the “show more” button to get them to load.  My comment stays, as such is akin to hiding them in plain sight.  It’s also ironic, because I’ve never encountered another YouTube channel that had as many playlists as I have, so the feature may have actually stemmed from problems caused by me.  I wouldn’t be surprised.  I bet they fixed it when they fixed the playlist count.  That was fucked for a while.  I never report bugs.  I have never asked a question in a forum, and Twitter is the first time I’ve made any attempt to connect with other human beings that I didn’t know in/from real life.  Is there a point to any of this?  Not really.

Page 4A headline: Economists laud tax deal.  Really.  The bankers like the rules they wrote for the operation of banks?  Lucky them.

The AP food section of this paper has a recipe for the president’s childhood soup, too.  The caption under the photo says it contains, “other regional ingredients.”  The man really hates plants, doesn’t he?  Regional ingredients.  Look, your pre-packaged foods are just plastic-covered excuses for what plants used to be.  They’re also “grown” in “entire regions.”  Fucking factory farms are like nano-scale Matrix-people-farms.  Except the robots in the Matrix didn’t spray suspensions of plastic mixed with chemical fertilizers and ‘icides that were originally manufactured as weapons of mass destruction.  Yeah.  Chemical weapons spawned your industrial “food” industry’s “efficiency.”  Shut the fuck up and listen.  I know way more than you, and I’ve seen this shit FIRST FUCKING HAND!!!  You have had relatively no interest in learning up to this point, relying only on what your TV-embedded masters tell you is allowable to think or learn.  YOU’RE WEAK AND STUPID AND I DON’T GIVE A FUCK THAT THE TRUTH HURTS YOUR FEELINGS.  Apologies to those who are convinced with less-than-yelliness.  It’s just that the yellers need to be brought up to speed, too.  All they need me to do is show that there’s someone out there who is willing to yell louder than they are.  Then, they shut right the fuck up.  Look at how RD’s character acted as soon as Chevy Chase (in his prime) as “Ty Webb” enters.  He turns from a buffoon into a perfect “gentleman.”  Such is life.  My super-power is reality.  Love is reality.  Love is my super power.

I think I just found the first good “Close to Home!”

“New Hampshire State Prison officials were concerned that producing 100,000 license plates with the motto “LIVE FREE OR DIE!” was severely affecting the prisoners’ morale.”  Why is that funny?  Because Prison officials are the most racist, violent, terrified fascist slaves that exist!  They don’t give a fuck about “prisoner morale!” If they did, THEY WOULDN’T FUCKING BE PRISON OFFICIALS!  Hilarious.

Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine are solid, as usual.

Switched to the NYT.  This rag hurts.  What I mean by that is that even though the local corporate rag consists almost entirely of fascist assumptions, capitalist over/under-currents, and a horribly condescending and evident lack of respect given both writers and readers, at least it has a quaint innocence.  The fucking New York Times just describes how the machine is killing us, lauds those who are doing it, and shows the rest of us poor saps how cool the shit is that the rich people get to have.  Why the fuck am I reading this again?  Oh yeah, masochist.  Remember?  You don’t fucking listen to a word I say, do you.  Read on, sweet reader!

Full page color “Goldman Sachs” ad with windmills and a dapper, management-white-hardhatted douchebag model who clearly loves his job.  What a crock.

Huh.  This whole WikiTruth thing is actually making our “lawmakers” and “government officials” learn their own rules.  What?  Free speech is allowed?  There’s gotta be a loophole.  Murder is illegal?  Just call it war, then!  They’re fighting back with pieces of paper, despite our continuing onslaught with a juggernaut of resources they stole from us and the planet, and they’re “fighting” back with paper?  It’s not even paper!  Pixels!  Ones and Zeroes!  Good thing Microsoft patented those.  Otherwise, this might turn into a shitstorm.  Fuck no, I’m not taking these blinders off!  They’re kicing our ass on OUR turf.  WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THEY’D DO TO US ON THEIRS!?

I just channeled the man right there.  I must have one of them sauron-linked eyes.  No, wait.  I have two of them.

Bipartisan Tax Accord.  If you do not see the ironic redundancy, I can’t really do anything for you.

OBL, BABY!!!  Fuck yeah.  Dead man talking.  Ok, here’s what I know about Osama Bin Laden.  First, he was a CIA asset.  That means, he worked for us.  His family is super-fucking rich, and is full of friends of important rich American assholes, not the least of which is George Bush Senior.  Junior is just the drunk front man.  Oh, I wouldn’t doubt that he’s pulled a trigger or two, or ten.  That don’t make him not a fucktard. Eat shit and die, George W. Bush.  You have no redeemable qualities.  As far as I can tell, you and your family and friends ARE the pure evil that you claim to be fighting.  What proof do I have of this?  Your fighting.

And, of course, let’s not forget how the CIA and KKK killed John Lennon.  I have no clue whether Yoko Courtney Loved’ him or led him into the trap.  He knew he didn’t have any friends.  So did Michael.  So did Marley, I’m guessing.  Just terrified helpless hangers-on who thought their cheers for the artistic representation of their world would actually do something.  You have to act, people.  Spending money isn’t acting. It’s a lie.

I am gonna pee, and then I’ll start tweeting.  I’ve missed you, too.


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