Smack. (Crackle?) *pop*

You’re not doing anybody any favors.  Just so you know.

Ok, this is exactly what I’m talking about.

Biofuel “worse for climate” than fossil fuel? It should be headlined, EU planners bad for earth no matter what fuel they make us use.  This is completely misleading.  Why the fuck would you call a website “Truth Is Scary”?  No it isn’t!  The truth is the least scary thing there is.

And the truth is, I’m not afraid to hit a girl back (glasses or not), nor am I afraid to hit her if she asks me to.  Yeah, it’s happened before, in real life.  To not hit someone when they ask you to is to be a bad friend.  Do you really think I’m gonna treat you differently for physical differences?  Well, no.  I’m not.  Yes, I understand this is a big part of the reason I never get laid.  Fuck off.

An article about linux reminded me of the topic I was working on during my morning commute (a 2-block walk).  Then I forgot it again.  Oh yeah.

It’s almost as if I’m convinced that there’s some magic combination of words that will make people see how ironic all of this is.  I’ve already passed along all of the bits and pieces of information that broke me.  I have more tidbits about me, but those are, I dunno.  I guess the profile goes up today.  (  <====== lie! it got lazy instead.  maybe later. beg me.)

Untweeted: @stevie_ryan @karen__o ? #MoreGirlsWhoCanHitMe

I’m such a wimp.

People I should follow:

Gene Simmons is a violent blowhard douchebag moron.  Nothing he says should be listened to, ever.  Rich fucking TV asshole.

I started this blog before this AM’s under-appreciated (though requested) punch.  About something totally unrelated.  Funny.

Tweeted: so, Boodle Boy is over.  I’m exhausted.  Time to post its thoughts and go for another bike ride.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-11-8 (Monday).

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