Credit where credit is due

Credit where credit is due.

Part of the whole problem with your retarded system of intellectual property is that it doesn’t provide for the originators of ideas, advancements, or creative works.  It protects their employers.  I understand the legal distinction, and I think that kind of distinction is what makes this entire system unsustainable.  These are not theories, which can all be lumped together.  Different parties contribute in different ways.  The role of the legal fiction has been exaggerated.  That, by its original definition, should have been the for-the-public-good.  Why else would we allow a charter?  Why else would we allow “limited liability”?  As it is now, the corporation is allowed, nay encouraged, by us, through “our” government, as it has been re-written, distorted, and abused by the “people” who “own” these “corporations.”

You do not contemplate our existence, and we do not respect yours enough to even whisper your name in the dark.  As individuals, we shall perform only acts of love.  As a collective, we will smash your war machine to bits, beat every violent thought right out of your diseased little brain, and surround you with loving and supportive family the likes of which you have never known.  Take that.

This might just be the coffee and the Disfear talking.

Ok, so the stated reason for even having a system of intellectual property is protecting the originators.  Not true.  When an argument relies on a premise that is an outright lie, doesn’t the whole concept have to be thrown out?  Isn’t that how logic operates?  These corporations trap and funnel and withhold information from being used for any good, let alone any public good.  Planned obsolescence is a sign that the whole fucking system is royally fucked.  Ask a design student how they’re expected to design things for profit-driven corporations now.  It’s designed to break, to wear out.  To turn into trash.  No upgrades, nothing that lasts, just more toxic shit.  If we, as a coop, put out any tools, cookware, or vehicles, they will be designed to be as efficient as possible, to never break, and to be easily fixable.  Maintenance of the physical world is not something to be outsourced.  This is a safety issue.  Your capabilities are for shit, America.  All you know how to do is play video games, drive cars, and talk shit about each other like you saw on TV.  Fuck off.

Any scratching below the surface will prove me right.  Go, dig anywhere.  ANY FUCKING WHERE.  Everything you have ever been taught is a lie.

Your music is shit, too.

You take the good musicians away from us, tell them they’re something they’re not, and convert something that once belonged to all of us to something that “belongs” to you.  What the fuck ever.  If I have to go through Ticketmaster to see it, it ain’t music.  If I have to buy a cd with a corporate label and a bar code on it, it ain’t music.  It’s corporate waste.  Drivel.  Diluted past the point of recognition.  Ask any musician who ever bought into that system.  See if any of your “fans” even recognize actual artistic sounds.  They do not.  They recognized repackaged violence and rehashed notions of roles and idiotic living advice from a world that never even existed.  Fear of shit that never was, people who never existed, and acceptance of a language that turned every one of us into a meaningless amalgamation of irrelevant statistics.  Fuck all that.

So, you may ask, why is your life online now?  Why would you do this to yourself?  Why would you put all your most intimate thoughts, desires, and evil disgusting preferences out there for everyone to see?  Well, they’re not, for one.  And, someone has to.  Someone has to be not afraid.  Someone has to love everyone and be completely ok with it.  Yeah, some of the people I love think they don’t like each other.  That’s just because they’ve allowed themselves to be compartmentalized.  They’ve allowed themselves to be labeled as consumers of shit they don’t need, and they’ve lost track of what they really do need, clean healthy food and human contact.  Contact.  Physically touching other people.  Yes, you need that.  I can lie on top of you and hold you down until you stop flailing if you like.  I’m not going to hurt you.  Breathe deeply.  An isolated meatbot will have a difficult time readjusting to contact.  That’s what “falling in love” or “being in love” is, and we actually donate all of our time to contact.  Then, we convince ourselves that we don’t need it any more.  Lie.  We give our time back to TV, and “work” and whatever other distractions keep us isolated.  Fuck that.  Touch me.  Hug your kids, your parents, and your distant relatives.  Shake your neighbors’ hands.  Dance next to a stranger.  Rub your roommate’s shoulders.  It’s human, you terrified little maggot.  It’s not anything less biological than necessary for the health of a social animal.  Get over yourself.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-11-6 (Saturday).

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