It’s beginning to think

It’s beginning to think

That you’re laughing with it, rather than at it.  Perhaps because of it?  Regardless, it now seems to regard this as a positive thing.  Regards.

So, while running poor people around to wish other poor people a “happy election day!” it thought about cops.  And Plover.  And hip hop.  You’d think, surrounded by beautiful women and girls, as it is, that it would be thinking of them on a day such as this.  Sadly, no.  They show no interest, or no understanding, or no desire to know more.  There’s lots to know, sweets.  Thus far, a bottom to the bottomless pit has not been discovered.  Still waters and whatnot.

Apple.  That was my breakfast today.  Fruitarians don’t drink coffee with half-and-half, though, huh.  I toldja, mothafuckka, I’m a freegan, except for cream (coffee and iced), cheese, bratwurst, and eggs.  But I can’t afford store-bought eggs.  I just get them as pity donations from people I know who have chickens.  Uhh, yeah.  Whichever office I occupy, ever, we will have chickens.  And pigs.  I had a vision while driving along a highway next to a huge ditch under power lines, of pigs cleaning out weeds and churning up the soil to be planted with a variety of local and complimentary plants that bear edible fruit.  And leaves.  And tubers.  The highways will be dotted, then filled with gardens, earthen homes facing the sun, and the terraced gardens of the peoples of the world.  When transport evolved, the highway turned into passive solar heat sinks for thousands of buildings, dwellings, and even something that looked like a cathedral.  But made of blacktop and curbs, and covered in the most beautiful graffiti the people had finally embraced.  Any people displaced by war or other forms of competition anywhere in the world were invited to come and stay.  Transported, too.  And home again, whenever they wanted.  “The design is uber-open-source, full-consensus, floating e-boarders, so representation actually is.   So.  So what if she “resides” in some small town in Kansas.  She can still be your representative, if you don’t want to decide about these topics yourself (which you are, by the way, highly encouraged to do).  Proportional representation, the right to life (survival, shelter, food, and any desired method of obtaining health), liberty (unlock them all, give them land), and the happiness will find you.” Said the automated tour guide.  Just reading this script to the person on the other side of that screen door made you feel like family.  We gotta get to some spreadsheets, don’t we.  Fuck that.  I’m smash-dragging you, parched and poisoned, to clean water.  Then, I’m dumping it down your throat.  This will inspire you to love the sea, and this huge flying iron butterfly will sprout legs.  Wait, what?

Tweety time! (11:38 am)

So some times, you get one of those friend requests, where you’re like, “I want to be your friend in REAL LIFE!”  Fine, go look at pictures of my mom.  Look at how I have a family that won’t talk to me, and how I never speak to anybody because most of you are mean and crass and sexist and violent and judgmental and INCREDIBLY FUCKING STUPID about so many things, I can’t even look at you.  Then you get one of those friend requests where you’re like, “yeah, I hope we’re really good friends for a really long time.  Is there really anything wrong with kicking that off with a couple of weeks of fucking?”  Maybe that’s just me.  I meet people by their skin.  Sorry.  It’s just a policy.  I live in a self-styled cooperative survivalist coop of one.  I will take on every single one of you fucking capitalist pigs ONE ON ONE, and I will defeat every one of you.  Bring on the billions, motherfucker.  Your war machine is my toy.  I’ve hacked the mainframe.

3:32 and it’s writing again.  Tweetyville, you are fucking mcAwesome.

It’s 4 now, and I didn’t write anything other than that tweet.  I went on FB to crash firefox.  No, to like a bunch of Wikipedia shit.  same thing.

Oh great.  New AdBlock and NoScript.  Get ready for slow-downs!  Why do I use extensions?  Oh that’s right, I’m an idiot.

I’m nonplussed.  What does that mean?

Facebook is making me want to throw my laptop out a window.  Fuck you, facebook.

I’m not angry.  You’re just wasting time.  What the fuck are you waiting for?  I will not fight for you or anybody else.  If you want to be here, be here.  All I can do is express my interest.  The ball’s “in your court” or whatever.  I expect you to act like every other terrified American and do exactly nothing.  Prove me wrong.

Ok, quittin’ time.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-11-3 (Wednesday).

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