just.uh.limiting term.

King is just a limiting term.

Kings are, what, regal?  They inherited the job.  They received training without their having really chosen to participate.  This dictator seizes power by defining.  Re-defining.  Un-defining.

So, apparently, “business” doesn’t trust the tea party.  The term has grown more of a personhood than LLC.  Business can’t trust.  It’s a psychopathic, sociopathic liar.  I just find it humorous that the investing class is still allowed to publish their deeds out in the open, or that you’re so eager to dump your retirement back into the machine.

“Bloomberg Businessweek” is trying to paint the tea party as klan commies.  No shit.  “…its policies could throw the U.S. economy into chaos.” (Oct 18-Oct 24, 2010, p. 66)

“The issue, as the board saw it, was Haley’s extreme and inflexible approach, an ideology of confrontation that can be summed up in two words: Tea Party.” (p. 68) Well, if that ain’t the pot callin’ the kettle black, I don’t know what is.  Every progressive movement that has ever taken place in society and/or law has been co-opted by greed, mocked and berated, and eventually used to describe something that is the opposite of what it once was.  I suspect the “Tea Party” had reached this stage the first time a corporation printed it in a grade-school textbook, but that won’t keep the propagandists from recycling material!  You people are so sensitive.

The only color on these tea party article pages are big ol’ red dots.  Yep.  Oh, and the article is called “The Devil You Don’t Know.”

The “conservatives” who got “elected” and who run the “party” never adopted the conservative tenets in the first place.  That’s kinda the whole point.

Reading glossy magazines will only make you dumber.


“For business leaders who prize pragmatism and stability, it was all too much.”

I love how unemployed workers band together to beg to be put back in shackles and chains.  “Re-imprison us!” they demand.  Well, I’m not buying it.,2792/

でも出来ない。translates to “It can not.”

My Eyes Are Open:

1:56 pm, CST.  Lost wireless.  Back to reading this shitty article. Or not.

“Americans who support the tea party brim with contradiction.” (p. 72)  So the business “press” wants to paint the tea party as confused, disconnected, misinformed racists and idiots.  They (the “partiers”) must be doing something right.  That, and believing anything the corporate “news” says about any grassroots “movement” is bound to be confused, stupid, and full of misinformation and outright lies.  What do your idiotic break-downs of “issues” tell us about anything that we think?  Not a goddamn thing.

Warning: Your baby contains toxic chemicals.

It’s not exactly accurate for me to say, “I hate it here.” “Here” is no different from any other place I’ve been.  I speak, and 95% of you recoil in terror.  Those of you still standing take it as a rare opportunity to mock a “common” enemy, and I just quit caring.  All you want is lies.  Be gentle, they say, when telling us about how violent and cruel we are to you, and in sharing the very specific ways that we contribute to our own lack of health and substance.  Be gentle in how you massacre my people, then.

4:09 untweeted: i feel, and probably look like a 2-year-old eating ice cream with this beard. yep. a bearded 2-year old. easy. lee. board.

there.  so what.  wrote it yesterday. like you care.



~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-10-29 (Friday).

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