Follow Friday

Follow Friday

I did my first follow Friday!  It’s like a twitter cherry or something!  Here’s what it writed:  “For the sake of fucking cripes, can you retards not tell that I’m the most discriminating genius dickhead of the bunch? #FF people I follow.”

I’m an obnoxious twit.  I get free food.  This whole rewards system is pretty fucked.

If you would just start sending me money already I could just set it up for all of us.  Seriously, it would be that easy.  Then you can do what you need doin’ and I can get the fuck out of here.  I know this is what we all want.  Or, I just keep dancing by myself.  With myself.  Alone.  Your silence is violence.’t-vote-…-ever/

Caulk and Weatherstripping.

What else do you need to hear about for the next hour?  It’s Halloween weekend and I couldn’t give less of a fuck.  Or, get less.  Than none.  People bore the shit out of me.

I had more money go into my bank account than I’m used to seeing in months.  I still have a hard time reconciling my own survival with compromising my beliefs to make money.  Yeah, I have been “working” for an “independent” “advocacy” “group,” a PAC.  Where do they get all of this cash and why does so much of this money which is supposedly for “progressive candidates.”  The fact that they’ve been allowed into one of the two parties means they’re NOT FUCKING PROGRESSIVE.  Yet we all still go vote.  One guy on twitter said  “Voting is a suggestion box for slaves.  Stay home.” I concur.

Y’all get all politically and huffy about this time of year, but all you do is run in slightly different circles and trust information fed to you by slightly different organizations than you usually drool over.  If you only knew how completely stupid you sounded repeating that drivel over and over.  Small government.  Ha.  Family values.  Ha.  “Health” (Ha!) “Care” (rofl).  Oh. My. God.  Abortion?  Still?  You really think legislating a medical procedure is a “moral” act?  What part of your own life are you terrified of, “lady.”  You’re a bunch of competitive assholes who sit around waiting for the machine that tortures you to explain to you in drawn-out lies how it’s not torturing you nearly as bad as you think, or as it was before.  All lies.

So, courts in the United States have said, and state legislatures have enacted laws that refer specifically to “candidates recognized in the news media.”  Private money-making entities supported by the advertising of other money-making ventures.


“The United States has the most severe ballot access laws of any democracy in the world. In the Russian Republic, ballot access requirements to run for president in 1991 are 1/7 of 1%. By contrast, U.S. ballot access laws require a new political party to submit valid signatures of over 2% of the electorate, more than two million voters, in order to run a candidate for Congress in all districts. As a result, since 1920 less than half of the congressional districts have seen a third party candidate. As U.S. voting rates decline year after year, the American public still seems unaware that our electoral system needs the “shot in the arm” offered by new, broadly based political parties and candidates, but that this alternative has been locked out of the system.” (From  See also and

Strict ballot access laws are what makes voting a fucking joke in this country.  Wake the fuck up.

Oh, then there are the “debates” of “issues.”

I’m lonely and cold and hungry.  I give up.

What do you want from me?

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-10-29 (Friday).

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