pronounced mo’ two-say. as in more.

today i was gonna talk to you about why i’m running my campaign like an artist.  or my “business.” or whatever the fuck you wanna call it.  Have you seen an artist try to set up a business before?  They don’t do it like a business person, they do it like an artist.

for example, an artistic presidential campaign could never get off the ground.  to even be pro-art is to reject commercialism in all its forms.  This, necessarily, gets you excluded from the running.  I’ll cite the cases.  This is the really real world, with a paper trail.  For fuck’s sake, what do you think I’m doing here?  My rent is $200/mo, and I can’t afford that on $0. I am perfectly capable of doing, well, anything.  This is why I’ve included “consultant” on my business card.  Send me cash for “services rendered.” What does it matter?  Do you want a DVD?  A CD?  If you give me enough money to do anything more than feed myself, I’ll put it towards my coop.  Property, to be farmed, lived upon, and finally allowed to heal.

Whatever.  I already told you it’s a standing offer.  Hit me up when you’re ready.  I’ll just be tweeting and drinking coffee.



~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-10-13 (Wednesday).

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