Fantastic suggestion, btw.

This software, once you give it permission, will do the following things:

  1. Find documents, files, and information on your computer.
  2. Automatically categorize, sort, and date your stuff, and provide previews where you can add specific tags for the database, find/add similar links or data, decide what’s public, and what’s viewable by sibs/friends.
  3. Install a lightweight build of linux that will blow your mind and be very easy to operate.

Then, after the files on your computer are “normalized” and tagged is free of viruses, spyware, and bloated proprietary software, we’ll get you networked.

Your computer, depending on its disposition (laptop, always-on-always-connected, non-networked) may be a thin client, a server-client, a sneaker-client, or a server.  As you add to our collective database of information, you will learn more about tagging (attaching searchable terms to files, bookmarks, and why we’re doing this).

The growing network of audio, video, and text will turn into an accessible-by-everyone repository of knowledge, DIY tips for navigating scientific, bureaucratic, and legal systems.  It will also provide a much higher quality of entertainment than you’re used to.  As users tag, rate, and comment on works, you will be connected to knowledge you choose, in the order that the cloud feels it best makes sense.  Experiments by real-world people will confirm or deny suspicious, outlandish, and too-good-to-not-be-true knowledge.  Then, when the holy grails present themselves (cold fusion, zero point energy, water fuel cells, etc.), we will design and build tutorials and spaces to build them in real life.

This is social networking with a real-world participatory component.  No, you don’t have to go meet people in public if you really want to, but eventually, you’re gonna want to.  And, if you’re not committed to the survival of the database, the collective, or yourself, we will help you realize a portion of your goals.

By entering-into/submitting-to/living this communications and ratings tool, you agree that honesty is not the best policy, it is the only acceptable means of existence.  “Joking” about serious issues to create confusion, change the subject, or distort meanings to criticize humans will be dealt with swiftly and violently.  Yeah, I can make your computer flash mean things at you and yell at you as if I were in your room.  Oh you didn’t think I wasn’t big brother, did you?  Once it’s set up, I’ll set aside as much authority as is necessary to keep her afloat.  She’s gonna be a sprawling behemoth of a system, growing and shrinking by leaps and bounds within any given day.  You will find yourself becoming far more efficient in your communication, not only in the amount of information conveyed in characters or words, but in the other things we experess in our communications as well.  Timing, pace, demeanor.  If you can’t keep up with the forefront of the discussion, it will still be there for you to review after the fact.  Yes, you can still block stuff within a reasonable amount of time, and flag comments, rhetoric, or off-topic distractions as such.  Thoughts will be traceable to a specific person at a specific time, and they will be “updateable” or “overturnable” by their originator.  Yeah, flip-flopping is totally allowed.  If you don’t change your mind when presented with information that conflicts with your current world-view, to not flip-flop is irrational, self-defeating, and ultimately self-destructive.

We will not indulge media-corporation and politician-invented over-simplification of vastly important topics.  We will define the terms, and we will allow dissenting views of solid logic and thoughtfulness to stand, but we will also have the capability to “disprove” even individual comments.  Liars will be tagged as such.  Money trails will be followable.  You don’t work for any legal fiction any more.  You are a legal fact.

Focus only on the efficient, the simply elegant, and the most direct route.  Hack, hack, hack.  Reverse engineer, take all the best parts, and treat every user as a capable human.  If someone consistently fucks up a particular task (tagging, whatever), their… what?  We’re not going to censor.  We’re not going to punish.  Others will just have to pick up the slack in properly tagging/categorizing the lazy, doubtful, conservative and useless.  Yeah, I know this means Wikipedia-style control-by-minority, but at least it’s a voluntary, communal, and checked minority.  Plus, some actions can clearly be determined to negatively affect the state of the whole.  We will not eliminate these, but shine light of attention and wisdom on them, within reason.  After a certain point, death.  No, you can’t keep doing everything against my survival and claim stupidity.  After a while, it becomes willful neglect, and we will eliminate you.

Whatever.  You fucktards eliminated me years ago.  Why should I give you any respect at all?  Let’s just say that one again, “WHY SHOULD I GIVE YOU ANY RESPECT AT ALL?”  It’s a serious question, you lying greedy shitbags.  Like the song goes, “you know shit about shit, you pompous fucking nothing, authoritative to a zombie who don’t know why it anything.”  That’s gonna be one helluva song, lemmie you tell.

Little green fly landed on my computer case/mousepad.  He’s a cutie.  Bye!

Off for a bike ride, hopefully dumpster some more chow.

Fuck yes, I eat your trash.

Train you on the use of any internet technology you choose, websites, blogs, twitter, facebook, music and movies, or not.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-08-24 (Tuesday).

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