does it only work on new posts?

oh, that’s great.  you’re shittier than youtube, myspace, and twitter put together, wordpress.  fuck.

Yes, really.  I only want linux hackers to program for me ever.  What do you need, kids?  What do you want?

your fucking “social web” is intentionally designed to make shit more confusing for non-tech users, and to maintain this ridiculous hierarchy of perceived importance in knowledge.  your code can explain in clear english along the way.  you can fit way more useful data on the screen.  i know i have to hit refresh to update.  pathetic.  your whole public internet is pathetic.

yeah, so I’m on Twitter @aurgazm now.  it’s way fun.  I have a billion and eleventeen posts about it already you ain’t seen.  invisible tweets, even to my followers.  heh heh heh.  #FuckYouPayMe #FuckMeLoveYou

At the same time, those non-techies wouldn’t have ever found one another without those dull, slow, shitty, hole-riddled tracking tools.  Nobody gets rich from working hard any more.  You get shit on for working hard, out there in capitalist land.  It’s utterly ridiculous.  I refuse to participate.

but seriously, wanna make a porn with me?

p.s. you seem to have to update each post individually.  then the tweet button works.  work, work, work.  all i do is work…

p.p.s. oh, I get it.  It only works occasionally.  Right, I forgot who I was dealing with.  carry on, fucktards.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-08-12 (Thursday).

2 Responses to “does it only work on new posts?”

  1. seriously, how many times have I said I would make porn with you? I get the feeling you’re never going to take me up on it.

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