How it breaks capitalism

The coop (I’m tired of typing the quotes around “my,” even though that’s more appropriate. There are {sort of} other coops on the planet) is no way even compatible with capitalism. The coop makes it easy to start farming, and to learn how to farm. The coop preserves land for a communally decided common purpose. The coop encourages family interaction, resource sharing, and, well, fucking. That, indeed, is its highest purpose. Yes, the coop is just here to get you laid. All y’all. Look, having sex is just too good of an experience all around for any of you to be missing it on any given, I dunno, week or so.

Yeah, so anyway, once our online database gets set up, there shouldn’t be a need for “stores” any more. The fun part will be when we buy those properties back from the banks and use them as communal kitchens, animal shelters, and low income (human) housing. I’m gonna laugh so hard I pee a little, and right in your dumb banker I-can’t-believe-this-is-really-happening faces. Dirty.

TV and cars. In a certain Pirsigian sense, they’re almost the same thing. ‘Course, he was talking about motorcycles, but the dino-burner between-the-legs scenario still ain’t your own power movin’ ya along, which is kinda the issue I have with both.

NY? NJ? I can’t even decide which coast to head towards, let alone whether to sell my car and bike there. I prolly just better head south.

I might just be adding a section to GrokHealth today: Mind.


p.s. K, I did. you’re gonna have to go read it there.
p.p.s. I’m alerting the twitverse as to my actions these days, so follow it there.
p.p.p.s new bike pc said i went 26.38 miles last night, avg speed 15 mph, max speed 37 mph.  Hour and 37 minutes.  This was a short one.  I’m probably gonna do closer to sixty miles tonight (google maps has been telling me my longest yet was only fifty something), spending a good four hours amongst trees, birds, and glorious sunlight.  You should come with one of these times.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2010-07-28 (Wednesday).

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