air guitar vid “released” from matched content limbo

Look at what I can do! Awhile ago, I drove up to Minneapolis with my documentarian to enter the regional Air Guitar Competition.  This was at the tail end of a series of dance videos I’d been recording.  I put this one up on YouTube a while ago, but it got blocked by Goo-Tube’s Content “Management” System.  I’ve had a number of videos either muted or blocked outright, because of the copyrighted material used in the soundtracks.  I found this to be a laugh-riot.  After careful consideration, and really wanting to be able to show you guys this video, I worked on clearing up this legal “dispute.”  YouTube’s system allowed me to enter this statement:

This is not used for profit, it is in fact intended to increase sales of the original work, the “dancing” in the video is a social/artistic commentary on air guitar (as in this contest), rock and roll, and our society’s fascination with stardom and fame.

Apparently, it worked.  Yay, art.  Enjoy, folks.

And the link.

2009-12-17 update:

LazyAssWasteoid cheats at air guitar by scraming "Anarchy!"

I can’t believe how clueless I am.  I only today found this n this in the photoset from the review of this night.  Way fun!

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2009-06-30 (Tuesday).

One Response to “air guitar vid “released” from matched content limbo”

  1. omg!!! AIR GuITAR ROCKS! (tho i feel to0o0 silly to do it :P)

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