why do i continue to surf?

It’s not like continuously reading “alternative” news (you call them conspiracy theories, even if they’re documented, admitted, or just plain logical), weird shit that slips into mainstream “news”, tech blogs, and science sites gets me anything I want.  All the information does is stress me out and turn me into another consumerist whore.  I guess it’s an excuse to sit amongst people and stare at my laptop, but I’m pretty sure they don’t want me to talk to them.  Whatever.  I guess this little blog is a last ditch attempt to meet some non-competitive humans who might actually enjoy my company or skewed perspective.  I mean, that’s why I started posting videos to YouTube, but the one-line comments from around the world just aren’t satisfying me.  I am, well, practically insatiable when it comes to affection.  That’s what you get when you’re a too-smart-for-your-own-good kid raised in small-town America.   Where the hell did that come from?  On to da lynx:

Ok, so most of what I read regularly is just documentation of the military industrial (congressional/legal) complex.  Or, science about how badly you’re fucking up your kids.  Or, further studies about how the “healthcare” industry, FDA, and other psychopathsponsored non-profits are intentionally killing us.  You little terrified little netholes don’t care.  All you wanna do is ignore reality playing video games, fiddling with gadgets, doing whatever the fuck you do with facetwitcelebhate, and staging massive campaigns to get war profiteer propaganda to you in more convenient ways.  What if you put the same effort into establishing proportional representation in Congress?  Did you even know such a concept existed?  To be honest, neither did I, ’til law school.  Law school introduced me to the absolute horrors of globalized corruption, and all the fancy newspeak that makes you think you’re not a slave of the Fed and other globalists of whom you’ve never heard.

You know what?  I’m so sick of all this crap.  I’m sick of corporate poison, lies, and “philosophies” trying to maintain the idea that capitalism means smash-grab-stab-shoot your neighbor.  Read Adam Smith without commentary and see if you can logically make his words fit what economists tell us they say.  I think I’m gonna have to dedicate a good chunk of this propaganda machine to something useful: teaching humans that local organic plants as food (DIY!) is the only topic even worth discussing any more.

Blogging sucks.  One or two more entries like this, and I’ll probably go do something else…


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2009-06-11 (Thursday).

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